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TVXQ!’s Changmin shares the surprising origin of his connection with Chef Lee Yeon-bok on ‘Buddy Into The Wild’

TVXQ!’s Changmin revealed the story behind his connection with Chef Lee Yeon-bok.

On the episode of MBC’s entertainment program ‘Buddy Into The Wild’ that aired on the 23rd, Lee Yeon-bok, Myung Se-bin, Heo Kyung-hwan, and Changmin appeared as guests.

It was noteworthy that Heo Kyung-hwan, Changmin, Myung Se-bin, and Lee Yeon-bok boarded a ship heading for an uninhabited island.

Members from various fields, including comedians, singers, actors, and chefs, made up an unexpected combination, and regarding this, Lee Yeon-bok said, “I insisted on it. It’s a regular customer and close combination of friends.”

Heo Kyung-hwan commented, “I go to the restaurant frequently and have seen you on various shows. In reality, you should consider it as one. With Chef.”

Myung Se-bin said, “About ten years ago? I got to know him when I visited the restaurant, and I also learned about him through TV programs, and he’s really nice,” revealing that she has been a loyal customer for over ten years.

Changmin surprised everyone by revealing the reason behind his connection with Chef Lee Yeon-bok.

He said, “Before I went to the military in 2015. When I was in Japan, I made a reservation after making 30 international calls.” Chef Lee Yeon-bok added, “There was an event worth tens of millions of won, but I canceled the event.”

Changmin explained in an interview, “A schedule came in on the exact date I had reserved. Since I was going to the military, there was nothing I could see.” He said, “I wanted to eat Chinese food and then go to the military.”

On this day, the members, who were trying to catch fish to get ingredients, were restless as they were unable to catch any fish. In a crisis moment, Changmin jumped out of the water to catch a fish hidden in the rocks with his bare hands and threw it onto the land.

Lee Yeon-bok expressed satisfaction, saying, “It’s good” as he was the right size to cook.


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