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Chilling twist in ‘Uncanny Counter 2’: The fusion of evil and shocking confrontations unveil an unforgettable ending

The evil spirit Kang Ki Young in “Uncanny Counter 2” shocked viewers with a chilling twist ending, where he took over Jin Sun Kyu’s body and achieved a complete fusion of evil. Interest is now focused on the confrontations between the Counters and the ultimate battle of evil in the series finale.

On the 27th, episode 10 of tvN’s “Uncanny Counter 2” (directed by Yoo Seon Dong, written by Kim Sae Bom, hereafter referred to as “Extraordinary Rumor 2”) depicted a fierce showdown where the evil spirit Majuseok (played by Jin Sun Kyu) and Philkwang (played by Kang Ki Young) merged into a single entity, resulting in the birth of absolute evil.

Philkwang and Majuseok declared their individual revenges, with Philkwang revealing, “Lee Choong Jae has been caught, and all I need to do is get my revenge. This is as far as we go.” He then choked Majuseok, saying, “When I think about it, the power of those guys is nothing compared to what you possess. Your power to read and erase memories, even the power to read the ground. But you can’t use that power properly. You’ll become one with me. Then, no one can stop me, right?” He aimed for Majuseok’s power as he aimed to become the ultimate predator.

Although Majuseok tried to counterattack, Philkwang’s heightened power proved too much for him. Just as Philkwang was about to kill Majuseok with a piece of glass, Majuseok exhibited an ability to control Philkwang’s strength, who had been previously awakened by a supernatural force caused by Rumor’s (played by Jo Byung Kyu) awakening from a coma. Majuseok’s inner demon realized that Rumor’s power was beyond imagination, leaving him astonished. He realized that Majuseok’s body was on the verge of being taken over by the demon.

At that moment, the Counters felt unease amidst their joy over Rumor’s awakening. The division between Majuseok and Philkwang had them worried. With the potential emergence of absolute evil formed by the fusion of the two demons, they were in a situation where they needed to prevent it at all costs. Dahana (played by Kim Se Jeong) decided to summon Majuseok, saying, “Now is the time to summon him, as we know Philkwang and Majuseok’s next move.”

The Counters followed after the vehicle carrying Lee Choong Jae (played by Kim Hyun Joon), the head of Baekdu Planning & Construction, waiting for Majuseok to appear. As Majuseok finally appeared, taking the stolen car after Lee Choong Jae’s death, he headed towards the Bong An Dang, where his deceased wife was buried. Just as he was about to commit suicide alongside Lee Choong Jae, Majuseok’s mother appeared, preventing the tragic act. However, when Majuseok tried to strangle his mother, he was unable to control his own actions, and his inner demon warned, “This body is no longer just yours.” As a result, his body became a vessel for the demon’s control.

During the intense confrontation, Philkwang delivered a final blow to reverse the situation. Holding Lee Choong Jae’s corpse and infiltrating a broadcast station, Philkwang held a press conference and confessed to his own crimes, shocking viewers. Eventually, Majuseok ended up killing Philkwang, but it was all part of Philkwang’s plan to take over Majuseok’s body. With the fusion of their souls, Philkwang’s spirit became one with Majuseok, announcing that he would live within him forever.

Finally learning the truth about his wife’s death, Majuseok was congratulated by Philkwang, who taunted him with his role in all the tragedies. As they clashed, Philkwang provoked Majuseok’s anger further, escalating the situation into madness. In a gripping conclusion, Majuseok ended up attempting to take his own life, creating a suspenseful atmosphere.

With the collision of Majuseok’s ego and the inner demon, tension reached its peak. Majuseok’s inner demon revealed, “Your anger called me, and I nurtured your anger. The stronger your anger grew, the stronger I became. Now you can’t die without my permission. Don’t think too much about your revenge, because I will make it happen somehow. Don’t be so frustrated.” This sarcastic message intensified the suspense as Majuseok’s will continued to weaken.

In the midst of this, Philkwang delivered a final strike that would overturn the situation. With Lee Choong Jae’s body and broadcasting the press conference, Philkwang posed various questions to the cameras, confessing his actions, including killing Lee Choong Jae and being behind Baekdu.

As police and reporters surrounded Philkwang, a tense atmosphere engulfed the broadcast station’s lobby. At that moment, Majuseok intervened, increasing the tension even further.

Ultimately, the ending revealed that Philkwang’s plan was to take over Majuseok’s body all along. With Philkwang’s soul consumed by Majuseok, they merged into one entity. Philkwang declared, “That’s right. I will forever live within you. Or is Majuseok gone now?” This revelation set the stage for the remaining two episodes of “Uncanny Counter 2,” leaving viewers curious about the future of the series.


Author Nat.O
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