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Choi Min-hwan expressed regret towards his children following his divorce from Yul-hee

Choi Min-hwan expressed regret towards his children following his divorce from Yul-hee.

On the 7th, during the broadcast of KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “The Return of Superman” (‘슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다’ in Korean), Choi Min-hwan‘s daily childcare routine with his three sons was revealed.

Choi Min-hwan mentioned his divorce from Yul-hee, saying, “I realized it wasn’t just about us. It was quite a difficult time thinking about the children and parents. I reassured myself with a sense of responsibility towards the children. I felt sorry that the children had to be hurt due to the decisions made by adults. I am reminding myself to ‘live diligently.'”

He continued, “Similarly, I was worried that appearing on broadcasts after the divorce would hurt the children. However, I started to think the opposite. I’m thankful that through ‘The Return of Superman,’ the children can receive a lot of love and support, which helps them grow.”

Choi Min-hwan also mentioned that he frequently meets with his three sons and Yul-hee, expressing his love for the children and acknowledging Yul-hee’s efforts. He emphasized that there are no restrictions preventing the children from meeting and that they can see each other anytime. At home, they talk positively about their mother.

He then engaged in a “battle of sending kids to school” with his three sons. Choi Min-hwan selected clothes in colors that his twin daughters would like and even tied their hair according to their requests for a pink ribbon or a “heart-shaped hair” style, which required considerable effort.

Choi Min-hwan mentioned, “I want to dress the children even more beautifully than themselves, but no matter how hard I try, I cannot replace the presence of a mother to the children. To adults, children’s heads are like miniatures. Because it doesn’t turn out as I want it to, I feel sorry.”

After sending his three children to school, he started cleaning the house. Choi Min-hwan mentioned that before the divorce, he often postponed household chores because there were many adults at home, but now he feels that he must be diligent. He acknowledged that he does many things for the children’s sake.

Furthermore, Choi Min-hwan shared that his son, who looked at a photo of his mother in the morning, cried because he missed her during Taekwondo practice. This unexpected response from his son saddened him. Although the twins do not fully understand divorce at their young age, their eldest son Jael is aware of everything and is particularly sensitive.

Choi Min-hwan expressed deep regret towards his children, saying, “I constantly feel sorry for them. Every night, I promise myself to do better the next day, but when tomorrow comes, the day passes so quickly that I feel sorry when going to sleep. This repeating routine is painful for my heart.”


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