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Chuu is completely free; Court rules invalidity of exclusive contract with Blockberry Entertainment

On the 17th, the 12th Civil Department of the Seoul Northern District Court ruled in a lawsuit filed by Chuu against her former agency, Blockberry Creative (hereinafter referred to as Blockberry), to confirm the non-existence of the effectiveness of the exclusive contract signed between the plaintiff (Chuu) and the defendant (Blockberry) in December 2017. The court ruled that the exclusive contract was invalid. The judge raised Chuu’s hand in approval. Additionally, the court ordered Blockberry to bear the legal costs.

Earlier in March, both sides attempted an agreement, but it fell through. Ultimately, in the ruling on this day, the court determined that the exclusive contract between Chuu and Blockberry was not valid, and as a result of Chuu’s victory in both the preliminary and main lawsuits, Chuu is now legally free from the exclusive contract with Blockberry.

Previously, in January of last year, Chuu had pointed out issues such as profit settlements and breaches of trust, and she filed a request to suspend the effectiveness of the exclusive contract with Blockberry. The court accepted her request. Other members of LOONA also filed similar requests to suspend the effectiveness of the exclusive contract with Blockberry and received favorable rulings.

Meanwhile, in November of last year, Blockberry caused a stir by announcing through the official fan cafe that Chuu had been expelled and withdrawn from LOONA.

Blockberry stated, “Recently, reports were received about Chuu’s verbal abuse and mistreatment towards the staff at that time, and after investigation, the facts were confirmed. The company’s representative is currently apologizing and consoling the staff, and as a result, we have decided to take responsibility and expel Chuu.”

Blockberry also indefinitely postponed LOONA’s comeback. In response, Chuu countered, “I have never done anything to be ashamed of in front of the fans.”

In December of the same year, Blockberry also submitted a letter to the sanctions and rewards committee of the Korea Entertainment Management Association (EMA) containing prohibitions on Chu’s entertainment activities.

Chuu attempted preliminary contact with BY9 Entertainment in 2021 to sign a new contract, prompting the issue. However, the EMA stated, “Blockberry’s claim lacks sufficient evidence,” and it pointed out that “this matter will be determined in the main lawsuit proceeding by the judiciary, not by the EMA.”

Author Nat.O
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