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Chuu makes solo debut with ‘Howl’

Singer Chuu has finally embarked on her solo journey with the release of her EP, “Howl.” This highly-anticipated album, launched on Wednesday, signifies a significant milestone for Chuu. It comes after six years since her debut with the group Loona and follows her departure from the group in November due to a contract dispute.

Chuu’s “Howl” is a five-track EP led by its title song of the same name, offering listeners a captivating journey of self-discovery. The title track delivers a comforting message, weaving a narrative about two wounded individuals who transform into small yet powerful heroes for each other, bringing healing and solace.

Chuu revealed that the lyrics hold personal significance, both for herself and her devoted supporters. “The lyrics express my innermost feelings that I couldn’t voice until now. We all experience moments in life when we feel hurt and want to retreat. I believe this song encourages us to find the strength to confront those moments and let our voices resound,” she shared.

This comeback represents more than just Chuu’s solo debut; it symbolizes her resolve to move forward from a challenging period marked by a prolonged conflict with Loona‘s agency, Blockberry Creative. Additionally, it marks her first release under her new label, ATRP, which she joined in April.

ATRP, Chuu’s agency, proudly announced on October 21st that her debut solo mini-album, “Howl,” has secured the coveted number one spot on the iTunes Worldwide Album Chart for two consecutive days. This achievement is noteworthy, as “Howl” not only claimed the top position on the iTunes “Top Album Chart” in 15 countries across the globe but also made it to the “Top 10” in 27 different countries. It’s a testament to Chuu’s rapidly growing international popularity.

The mini-album comprises five tracks, featuring the captivating title song “Howl” alongside “Underwater,” “My Palace,” and “Hitchhiker.” Through this diverse selection, Chuu showcases her versatility as an artist.

Chuu’s solo journey continues to leave a lasting impression, and her global success underscores her undeniable talent and charisma.

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