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Omega X’s Hwichan vs. Former CEO: Claims of manipulated CCTV footage amidst allegations of sexual harassment

Spyer Entertainment revealed that Omega X’s Hwichan sexually harassed former CEO Kang Sung-hee, but amidst this revelation, claims have emerged that the CCTV footage released alongside it was manipulated.

Omega X‘s current agency, IPQ, is preparing a statement regarding Hwichan‘s alleged sexual harassment video. A key figure at IPQ raised their voice “The video of Hwichan’s forced sexual harassment against CEO Kang Sung-hee is entirely fabricated.”

They further expressed, “We demand the full video to be released by Spyer Entertainment,” adding, “Requests for affection from CEO Kang Sung-hee towards the members have been ongoing. As stated in the position revealed a year ago, verbal abuse, physical violence, and sexual harassment were clearly present.”

Moreover, they claimed, “The part where Hwichan touches CEO Kang Sung-hee’s chest in the CCTV footage is manipulated,” and mentioned, “CEO Kang Sung-hee demanded affection from Hwichan, making the act coercive.”

Finally, they stated, “This claim is not just a matter of a member’s standpoint. We are preparing related evidence to support it. We have transcripts of conversations where continuous demands for affection were made.”

Earlier on the 19th, Spyer Entertainment Chairman Hwang Sung-woo publicly released CCTV footage alleging that Hwichan had sexually harassed CEO Kang Sung-hee.

The released footage showed Hwichan forcibly removing CEO Kang Sung-hee’s upper clothing and engaging in coercive physical contact. Chairman Hwang Sung-woo stated, “I suffered for a year from unverified allegations. CEO Kang Sung-hee expressed mental anguish and attempted extreme measures.”

Omega X previously exposed CEO Kang Sung-hee’s verbal abuse, physical violence, and sexual harassment in November 2022. Omega X’s legal representative, Attorney Seo Joo-yeon, stated at the time, “CEO Kang Sung-hee touched members’ thighs or brought her face close enough for them to feel her breath. If a woman had experienced such actions, it would have been considered a serious crime.”

They further explained, “The lawsuit for obstruction of business related to the assault case was withdrawn due to a settlement in the main lawsuit for contract termination. However, investigations are ongoing for sexual harassment and defamation by spreading false information and hindering business activities based on the power dynamics at work.”

Both sides claim to be “victims of sexual harassment.” The battle of truth between Omega X and their former agency is expected to continue.


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