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‘Concrete Utopia’ reveals three TMI Behind-the-Scenes moments to amplify the film’s impact

The film ‘Concrete Utopia’ (directed by Um Tae-hwa, produced by Climax Studio, co-produced by BH Entertainment, distributed by Lotte Entertainment) has unveiled three TMI (Too Much Information) behind-the-scenes moments that enhance the lingering impact of the movie.

‘Concrete Utopia’ depicts a disaster drama where survivors gather in the last standing Hwanggung Apartments in Seoul, turned into ruins by a massive earthquake.

**1. Hidden Secret Behind the ‘Apartment’ Singing Scene**

The first TMI behind-the-scenes reveals the fact that the rehearsal scene for the singing scene of the character Yeongtak (played by Lee Byung-hun) was incorporated directly into the final shooting. The scene captures the festive atmosphere of the Hwanggung Apartment residents celebrating alongside the success of the security team’s return. This moment adds a subtle irony, blending disaster with celebration, making it an unforgettable highlight for the audience.

Director Um Tae-hwa explained, “We recorded all the rehearsal scenes for ‘Concrete Utopia,’ and we used quite a few rehearsal scenes in the final film. Some moments showed the actors in a relaxed state, which actually led to better acting. The ‘Apartment’ singing scene turned out great as a culmination of all these elements. The camera shook a bit during the rehearsal, and we continued with additional takes afterward. But when we saw it in the editing room, that shaking actually added a unique harmony to the actors’ performances.”

**2. What Stone Did Min-seong Put in the Resident’s Vote?**

The second TMI behind-the-scenes revolves around the question of where Min-seong (played by Park Seo-joon) cast his vote during the resident meeting in Hwanggung Apartments regarding whether to allow outsiders in. The film deliberately leaves Min-seong’s choice unrevealed in an anonymous vote. Even when Min-seong’s wife Myeong-hwa (played by Park Bo-young) asks him about his decision, he playfully evades the question, igniting the audience’s curiosity. By not revealing Min-seong’s choice, the film prompts the audience to ponder, “What would I have done?” and stimulates various interpretations of the film.

Park Seo-joon humorously commented, “Considering Min-seong’s character, he would have thought of Myeong-hwa and voted against allowing outsiders in.” This interpretation from the actor added to the audience’s engagement. By exploring diverse characters, the film encourages viewers to contemplate different scenarios and interpretations.

**3. Director Um Tae-hwa’s Special Lighting Technique**

The final TMI behind-the-scenes reveals the production’s use of lighting to realistically portray the aftermath of the earthquake in Seoul. A custom-made large-scale apartment set was used, and to create a dimmed atmosphere after the earthquake, the crew placed a rooftop on the set to block out light. As the story unfolds, lighting transitions from blue tones to white, yellow, and red, creating captivating visual dynamics.

Director Um Tae-hwa shared, “We used small props like battery-operated lights, candles, and flashlights, even putting water on top to scatter the light, in order to achieve realistic lighting effects in disaster situations. I put a lot of effort into creating a valid lighting atmosphere for the film.” Through these meticulous efforts, the film enhances its realistic production.

As ‘Concrete Utopia’ unveils these engaging TMI moments, it continues to captivate a wide range of audiences, setting a remarkable box office trend.


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