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Controversy arises over Jeon Somi’s entry into cosmetics industry

Controversy arises over Jeon Somi’s entry into cosmetics industry.

Jeon Somi has ventured into the cosmetics business. Known as a ‘cosmetics enthusiast’ in general, she has started her own cosmetics business and will release her first cosmetics in April.

Her cosmetics brand is called “GLYF,” and it is said to contain her own beauty know-how. According to an interview with a magazine, she directly participated in the development of cosmetics and package design.

The first product she is releasing is a highlighter. As highlighter palettes have recently become trendy among cosmetics enthusiasts, many beauty brands are rushing to release them. Jeon Somi also chose a highlighter palette as her first product.

The problem arose after the highlighter palette product was revealed. The price of Jeon Somi’s highlighter palette is 43,000 won. Jeon Somi promoted the product by introducing it in advance.

However, controversy erupted among netizens over the price of her highlighter palette. The price of a highlighter palette from a luxury cosmetics brand D is 73,000 won.

Even non-luxury highlighter palettes that are popular in drugstores these days are mostly priced in the range of 20,000 to 30,000 won.

Her highlighter palette is priced in between drugstore and department store brands, leading some to comment that it is somewhat expensive. Controversy has also arisen over the packaging of the highlighter palette.

Amidst the online debate sparked by her first cosmetics release, attention is now focused on whether Jeon Somi will successfully launch her cosmetics.


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