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D.O. has revealed the difference in income between his activities with EXO and his acting career

On the 24th, D.O. appeared as a guest on the web variety show “Neighbourhood Star K3” produced by Diggle.

D.O., who is active in various fields as both EXO‘s D.O. and actor Do Kyung-soo, responded to the question, “Do you prefer Do Kyung-soo or D.O.?” by saying, “I like both, but if I had to choose one, it would be Do Kyung-soo because that’s me. I don’t categorize D.O. separately, as he’s the same person.”

MC Jonathan then asked, “Which one earns more?” to which D.O. honestly replied, “D.O. definitely earns more. It’s because D.O. has been active for a longer time.”

D.O. also shared his thoughts on EXO’s comeback with their 7th full album “EXIST” in July after 3 years and 8 months. He said, “I definitely felt like a student returning to school. Whenever we did music shows, I was either the youngest or in the middle, but this time, it’s been almost four years since we came out, so I’m at the top.”

During one of the performances, he couldn’t find the ending camera and laughed about it, saying, “It’s been a while, and we’ve developed something called an ending pose. It didn’t exist before. I absolutely couldn’t do it. It felt too awkward and cringy,” causing laughter.

Watch the episode below!


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