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“Dating rumor with Seungri” Yoo Hye-won mentions marriage, saying, “Whenever the time is right, it’s okay.”

On the 16th, Yoo Hye-won responded to the curiosity of netizens.

One netizen asked about the desired timing for marriage. Yoo Hye-won stated, “Whenever the time is right, it’s okay.”

Yoo Hye-won also answered a netizen’s question about what she considers in a potential partner for marriage, saying, “Respect, consideration, sweetness, homeliness. Also, manners and etiquette.”

In response to a question asking what she did over the weekend, with the comment “It’s gloomy because of the rain,” Yoo Hye-won replied, “I had a drink.”

When asked how to find a job that suits one’s aptitude, she advised, “Actually, my current job doesn’t match me 100%. It’s a tremendous blessing to have a job that perfectly fits your aptitude. If you have more passion and gradually develop an interest in the work you’re doing, you will be able to enjoy your job with a more positive mindset.”

Yoo Hye-won, a former actress turned influencer, had dating rumors with former Big Bang member Seungri three times between 2018 and 2023.

During the second dating rumor, suspicions arose that Yoo Hye-won had visited Seungri’s military enlistment ceremony.

In March of this year, amid the third dating rumor involving a Bangkok trip with Seungri, Yoo Hye-won did not provide a clear answer but stated that she would take legal action against malicious comments without leniency.

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