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Day6 is making a comeback as a complete group, marking about three years since their last full lineup

Day6 is making a comeback as a complete group after all members have completed their military service, marking about three years since their last full lineup.

Songs that Day6 released several years ago, such as “You Were Beautiful” and “Letting Go,” are experiencing a resurgence during this period of military hiatus, leading Day6 to a situation where they are actually on the rise during their military hiatus. In a positive atmosphere, Day6 is embarking on their second act.

On the 18th, Day6 will release their 8th mini-album titled “Fourever” with the title track “Welcome to the Show.” The album title “Fourever” is a combination of the number 4 symbolizing Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon and the word ‘forever.’ It represents the four seasons, consisting of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, joining forces with the members to complete a year together.

Day6, with Wonpil’s discharge in winter 2023 marking the last member to complete military service, is making a comeback as a complete group after a three-year hiatus. In a recent interview with the press, they expressed their affection for each other, saying, “Just being together and playing music together feels so good.”

Here’s the Q&A session.

– How do you feel about making a comeback after a long time?

▶ (Wonpil) I feel like we have no choice but to repay our fans who have been waiting for us so much. I feel a bit nervous because it’s been a while since we’ve been in front of people, but I want to repay those who have been waiting for our music in various ways with a grateful heart.

▶ (Sungjin) During the hiatus, I really wanted to do it, and this album, which was made from accumulated feelings of missing it, has meaning to me. At first, I felt burdened and nervous, but since Day6 always does our best at every moment, being burdened and nervous doesn’t change the outcome. I tried to minimize that burden as much as possible. I think this album is the start of the second act, but I also see it as a bridge between the previous Day6 and the future Day6.

– Is there any musical change?

▶ (Sungjin) I think it’s more of a growth than a change. Since this album is a bridge, I delved into it deeply because a lot could change if a lot changed. It feels rich.

▶ (Dowoon) My attitude towards music has changed. In the past, I just memorized drum patterns blindly, but listening to music during military service made me think a lot about tone when doing Day6.

– Some songs have seen a resurgence during the military hiatus.

▶ (Young K) It wasn’t something we expected, so we never thought it would enter the charts after six years.

▶ (Wonpil) There is some excitement because of the good atmosphere. The previous albums are also precious, but this album is more meaningful. It feels like there’s more anticipation for the music we’ll make in the future.

– Did you feel the preciousness of each other during the military hiatus?

▶ (Wonpil) A lot. Since I was far away from the region after enlisting, I really missed it. I missed everything from joking around to practicing together. I wanted to play music together, so I’m really grateful and happy now.

– What did you want to express after the military hiatus?

▶ (Sungjin) If I look at the big picture, it’s gratitude. I want to express gratitude to the fans who waited for us. I felt gratitude towards each other as members, and I’m grateful to the public for the upward trend of our music. I feel grateful to those who love us. I wanted to convey that a lot.

– Day6 has been active for 10 years, and the listener base and fandom continue to grow. How do you feel about the team’s growth?

▶ (Sungjin) We always had pride in our music. We released albums only with songs that did our best at that time. We held onto the thought, ‘It will happen someday,’ for 20 years (laughs). It’s confusing that the good atmosphere came earlier than expected. Since drawing this upward trend was not something we intended, we’re just really grateful.

– While being active as a band in the K-pop market, do you feel a sense of responsibility as a band?

▶ (Sungjin) I don’t think we have as much responsibility as people think. I think once we feel responsible, we’ll feel a lot of pressure about what we’re doing. Still, I hope the band scene becomes more active.

▶ (Young K) Rather than a sense of responsibility, I hope more people become bands. I hope our growing friends try more instruments.

– It’s been 10 years, but was there a moment when you were happy during your activities?

▶ (Sungjin) Everything was good from the concert onwards. Until before the concert, there were some difficult times, but after the last concert, everything was relieved.

▶ (Young K) Recently, it was when we played together after a long time. I thought we really have to work hard. There were some awkward moments when we played together, but it was fun laughing at each other’s slightly awkward moments. It left a poignant feeling. I made a resolution to have fun in the future and do well.

Listen to Day6’s “Welcome to the Show” here!


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