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Daybreak’s Lee Won-seok has divorced

Daybreak’s Lee Won-seok has divorced.

Daybreak’s Lee Won-seok has divorced his non-celebrity wife and is focusing on his activities while overcoming the pain.

Through his personal blog on that day, he left a post about his feelings regarding the divorce. He expressed, “I am alone again. A farewell that cannot be together again. A farewell where each of us chose our own lives. The sense of loss that cannot be filled with anything led me to accept the breakup not by being disappointed and overcome with a life attitude.” This shows his difficult emotions.

He also mentioned, “Many parts of me had to hurt, break, and scatter before I could accept the breakup.” He indicated his determination to overcome the past pain and focus on music activities again.

Meanwhile, Lee Won-seok has been active as the vocalist of Daybreak, formed in 2007, and has consistently engaged in various music activities.

Especially, he has shown his presence as a representative figure of domestic music festivals, gaining recognition for his true value on live stages and receiving great love from fans.

Earlier this year, he signed an exclusive contract with Mystic Story, raising expectations for new endeavors as a leading figure in the K-band scene.


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