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‘Devil’s Plan’ PD passionately explores the intriguing concept of utilitarianism and eagerly anticipates the future of the show

PD Jung Jong Yeon of ‘Devil’s Plan’ shared his thoughts on utilitarianism in an ending interview for Netflix’s show.

On October 13, PD Jung Jong Yeon conducted the interview for ‘Devil’s Plan’ in a café in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

‘Devil’s Plan’ is an entertainment program featuring 12 players from various professions, including lawyers, doctors, science YouTubers, professional gamers, actors, and more, who stay together for seven days and engage in a brain survival game to determine the best brain. The show featured actors Ha Suk Jin, Lee Si Won, Baduk player Cho Yeon Woo, former announcer Park Kyung Rim, U.S. lawyer Seo Dong Joo, SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, orthopedic surgeon Seo Yoo Min, science YouTuber Gwado, travel YouTuber Kwak Joon Bin, former pro gamer Guiom Patry, and college student Kim Dong Jae.

PD Jung Jong Yeon commented on utilitarianism, saying, “I knew Gwado wasn’t a highly competitive person, but I didn’t know if he would play the game for the greater happiness of the majority. I was somewhat anxious because it wasn’t the direction I wanted. After seeing the audience’s response, there was a frame that Gwado was hypocritical. I would have preferred it to be more like, ‘I actually played with it.’ I thought it was a consistent play, and it was a new character that appeared because it was the first time. During interviews, it may have seemed like the production team was guiding things, but there was someone in charge of interviewing who asked many questions to dig into the inner thoughts. Later, it looked like we were fighting. The production team did have doubts about the direction of Gwado. Overall, I thought it was a consistent play. Despite Gwado not being the winner, it became a keyword that permeated utilitarianism. The participants are prohibited from sharing the prize money according to their contracts. It’s a very important clause, even in foreign survival shows. I heard that there have been cases where programs were canceled after being caught by the public. I also saw comments asking if he was not trying to share the prize money later, but we have taken precautions against that.”

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He added, “The only time I thought utilitarianism was going in the opposite direction of the game was in the animal game. After the animal game, I thought about the game plan again, worried about it, and thought that unity might be breaking apart. This was the episode where questions and answers about utilitarianism came out. It was not due to a lack of aggression from the players. If we had cast players with low aggressiveness, it was because we wanted to lead a change. There is no deathmatch in ‘Devil’s Plan.’ It was a good format that provides opportunities to both strong and weak players. If you remove it, it seems like ‘Genius’ itself. Not only deathmatch, but also the format of designating the last-place player or all the rules packages are balanced rules. That’s why I thought deathmatch was the core IP of ‘Genius.’ Even if there was a deathmatch, the system of designating the last-place player or all the rules packages was a balanced rule. That’s why it was seen as the core IP of ‘Genius.’ I thought I should avoid it. Protecting the strong, whether through a prize match or otherwise, is important. Whatever you do, there should be an alternative. I have always been considering better ways, making changes continuously for novelty.”

PD Jung Jong Yeon also discussed the response to ‘Devil’s Plan,’ saying, “It’s hard to compare it with ‘Genius’ because there was only ‘Genius’ of that kind at the time. Nowadays, some people mention it compared to other survival shows, and it seemed that there were many people who watched it for the first time. Our goal was that. Since it was an obscure genre struggling in a small market, it received a lot of support from the platform when it was shown on Netflix OTT. In thinking about that aspect, I could see both warm and cold responses. Regarding feedback, it is natural to accept that it was not perfect. To converge in a positive direction, it is natural to consider opinions that it was not good. While responding to the pouring feedback, we have been thinking about what to do in the future. Since it is not a scripted show but a real one, we will have to see what happens when we untangle it. I spent time in both thoughts and reflections such as ‘What should I have done?’ and ‘This went well.’ I planned to change the format from the beginning. There will be ongoing changes in the future. Of course, feedback will be taken into account. As a person who has produced such a program for several years, I have similar empathy for the part where feedback is given. I felt that there were some advantages. It was interesting because many people watching for the first time may find it challenging. Viewing the overseas response through communities, they are also analyzing the game and discussing whether utilitarianism is good or bad. It is surprising that it has been number one in Vietnam and Singapore for a long time. The overseas response was good.”

Regarding the absence of a death match in ‘Devil’s Plan,’ PD Jung Jong Yeon explained, “I thought that deathmatch, which I made, is a very good format that gives opportunities to both the strong and the weak. But I thought it should be left out of the ‘Genius’ core IP. I thought it was the core IP of ‘Genius.’ I thought it should be avoided to be too similar to it. We should protect the strong, whether through a prize match or in other ways. I think there should be an alternative for everything. I am continuously considering ways to make changes and bring novelty.”

He also shared his thoughts on working with Netflix, saying, “When I spent a lot of money, I felt heavy-hearted. Rather than spending it with excitement, it was more about maximizing efficiency. The platform’s decision to accept it with enthusiasm was a platform decision, and I appreciate it. I think it’s a rational challenge. When I thought about the plan for the first time, it was a part that could cost a lot of money, but Netflix accepted it happily. In that respect, I am grateful for the part that allowed me to think of it as a rational challenge.”

As for the possibility of a next season of ‘Devil’s Plan,’ PD Jung Jong Yeon commented, “It should be Netflix that decides to do it first, but I have thought about it a lot. It affects the next project. It’s hell because the rankings come out every day. It’s a daily thought, but I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while. Anyway, I’m waiting.” He expressed his anticipation for Season 2.

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