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Disney+ original series ‘Han River’ expressed its determination to continue Disney+’s positive trend

On the 12th, ‘Han River Police’ held a production presentation at JW Marriott Dongdaemun in Seoul and talked about the work. Director Kim Sang-chul, actors Kwon Sang-woo, Kim Hee-won, Lee Sang-i, Bae Da-bin, and Shin Hyun-seung attended the production presentation.

‘Han River Police’ is a ‘water spectacular comic action’ that unfolds as Team Han River Police, who guards the Han River day and night, gets involved in crimes surrounding the Han River. ‘Han River’ is expected to provide various spectacles and fresh fun by solving various incidents and accidents that occur in the Han River, a space for citizens to enjoy sports and relaxation, and protecting safety.

Kwon Sang-woo, who took on the role of Du-jin, full of a sense of justice, said, “I felt strong from the title itself. The subject matter of solving crimes in the familiar Han River was interesting. It’s a work that contains the beauty of the Han River and its hidden aspects. I expect there are good angles.”

Regarding his character Du-jin, Kwon Sang-woo explained, “He’s a just character who participates in even trivial matters and takes the lead. I wasn’t afraid of water, but underwater shooting wasn’t easy. I think we got good shots because we worked hard.”

Kim Hee-won plays Chun-seok, dreaming of a work-life balance. He explained the reason for choosing the work, “First of all, the script appealed to me the most. Wouldn’t it be scarier if a crime happened nearby? Since we see it every day, I thought it would be interesting.”

Bae Da-bin takes on the role of Na-hee, who has an extraordinary competitive spirit. She said, “I played a police officer before, but I didn’t know much about the Han River Police Department. After reading the script and learning about the Han River Police Department, I thought there were many new things to prepare, so I found it interesting. I met actors and directors I had never breathed with, so it was new.”

The role of the youngest member, Ji-soo, is played by Shin Hyun-seung. Shin Hyun-seung mentioned, “I often went cycling with my friends to the Han River. So when I heard the title ‘Han River,’ I had high expectations. I thought it would be fun. I also participated because I thought I could work with good senior actors.”

Furthermore, Sung Dong-il joins as the chief of the Han River Police, adding to the exceptional performance of TEAM Han River Police. Kwon Sang-woo, who has a close relationship with Sung Dong-il, mentioned, “I read a book and thought that Sung Dong-il senior would suit this role, so I talked to the production team.”

The villain Ki-seok, who fiercely confronts the Han River Police, is played by Lee Sang-i, raising expectations for the tension of the drama. Lee Sang-i said, “Although the Han River Police are attractive, the villain character was also attractive. So I decided to participate. I saw the Han River Police in a documentary, so it was familiar.”

As it is a comedy, a cheerful atmosphere on set can be inferred. Shin Hyun-seung said, “I am the youngest in the team and at the police station, but I received a lot of love and filmed. The ramen we ate at the Han River was delicious,” praising the teamwork. Lee Sang-i added, “I wasn’t the only one at the police station, but we got along well. I went to eat meat with them once, and Sang-woo hyung said he had to grill it himself, so he always grilled it,” boasting of their teamwork.

Especially, they mentioned the recent popular Disney+ drama ‘Moving.’ Kwon Sang-woo said with a smile, “Jo In-sung has flying ability, but I have diving ability. Thanks to the success of ‘Moving,’ Disney+ subscribers have increased, and I’m grateful. I hope it does even better.” He also touched upon Disney+ lineup, saying, “‘Han River,’ ‘Moving,’ ‘The Worst Villain,’ Disney+ fighting!”

Kim Hee-won, who has recently gained great popularity with ‘Moving,’ is also expected to shine in ‘Han River.’ Kim Hee-won said, “I really love ‘Moving,’ so I’m really happy. And I think I wished for ‘Moving’ to do well. I had a strong desire. I’m so happy that ‘Moving’ did well, and I’m going to say hello with ‘Han River.’ I hope Disney+ continues to do well. I’m eager for ‘Han River.’ Of course, I hope every work that the actors do goes well. I feel really good.”

Finally, Director Kim commented, “As the title is ‘Han River,’ the Han River is another protagonist. If you watch it, you’ll say, ‘This is Yeouido Park, that’s Seongsu Bridge, where is that?’ and have fun finding them.” The actors also expressed their thoughts in five characters, attracting attention. Kwon Sang-woo said, “You have to watch it,” Kim Hee-won said, “Watch ‘Han River,'” Lee Sang-i said, “‘Han River’ is on D+” (Disney+), Bae Da-bin said, “Chemistry,” and Shin Hyun-seung said, “All are great scenes,” demonstrating their sense in answering.



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