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Disney+ original series “Vigilante”: The creator’s enthusiastic review and synchronized poster unveiled

Disney+ Original Series “Vigilante” Writer Kim Kyu-sam Shares His Review Along with Synchronized Poster

Prior to the release, writer Kim Kyu-sam, who created the series “Vigilante,” shared his review and unveiled a poster that he personally drew, showcasing the exceptional synchronization of the characters.

After watching the series, Kim Kyu-sam stated, “The endings in every episode were exceptionally good. In terms of overall action and thrills, it feels like the story goes beyond the original. It expanded my imagination, and I loved it.” He praised the high-quality work.

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He also expressed his thoughts on the cast, known for their high synchronization. Kim said, “Nam Joo-hyuk, who plays “Kim Ji-yong,” delivered a fierce presence when he had a serious look on his boyish face. I wondered who would play the character ‘Jo Heon,’ who is a very comic figure, and when I heard that Yu Ji-tae would take on the role, I thought it was an excellent choice.”

Lee Joon-hyuk, who plays ‘Jo Gang-ok,’ is a perfect actor for a somewhat crazy character, and I think he’s the best. Kim So-jin, who plays ‘Choi Mi-ryeo,’ acted so well according to her character that I was amazed. In fact, I am grateful because I think I was influenced by her.”

He expressed his gratitude for the actors who interpreted the original characters with their unique personalities.

When asked about the focal points of the series ‘Vigilante,’ Kim Kyu-sam responded, “I think it would be really interesting to focus on how the actors interpret and express the original characters.”

The synchronized poster, unveiled alongside Kim Kyu-sam’s review, was recreated in the artist’s own style to showcase the overwhelming character synchronization between the original and the series. The poster vividly captures the intense charisma of ‘Kim Ji-yong’ with his two faces, the shady countenance of ‘Jo Heon,’ the somewhat tangled gaze of ‘Jo Gang-ok,’ and the powerful red hair and challenging demeanor of ‘Choi Mi-ryeo.’

The poster merges the images of Nam Joo-hyuk, Yu Ji-tae, Lee Joon-hyuk, and Kim So-jin from the second poster and truly brings to life their remarkable character portrayal. This further elevates the expectations of the original fans eagerly awaiting the release, as they anticipate the birth of another well-made drama.

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‘Vigilante’ will be exclusively available on Disney+ starting from November 8th, and you can catch it every Wednesday.

Disney+ 'Vigilante' Teaser Poster 2 [Nam Joo Hyuk, Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Joon  Hyuk, Kim So Jin; Premieres November 8] : r/KDRAMA


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