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DKZ member Jaechan shares his honest feelings about Kyoung-yoon’s departure

On the 6th, Jae-chan held a showcase to commemorate the release of his mini 1st album ‘JCFACTORY’ at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. Jae-chan released his new album through various music streaming sites at 6 p.m. on the same day and began his solo debut activities.

DKZ went through changes last month due to the departure of member Kyoung-yoon. It was revealed that Kyoung-yoon and his family were members of the JMS church, which sparked controversy. In particular, Kyoung-yoon’s parents also operated cafes related to JMS. Although Kyoung-yoon explained that he left JMS, the controversy continued, and he suspended his activities and focused on treatment, citing anxiety disorders and social phobias.

Their agency, Dongyo Entertainment, announced on the 7th of last month through the DKZ official fan cafe, “Kyoung-yoon, who had temporarily suspended his activities due to health reasons in April, has recovered significantly. After lengthy discussions on future directions, Kyoung-yoon will conclude his DKZ activities and fulfill his national defense duties by enlisting for military service.” They also expressed sympathy for causing concern to the members and fans regardless of the reason.

Regarding his feelings about Kyoung-yoon’s departure, Jae-chan said, “Speaking about our group, we talked a lot with the members. If it wasn’t difficult, I’d be lying. When I talked to the members, I said that we should work harder so that we can bring joy to our fans and the public.”

Jae-chan also honestly shared his thoughts about the future of DKZ’s group activities. He said, “Before my solo debut, I had unit activities with ‘Nine to Six,’ and I have had many discussions with the company. There are restrictions on activities due to changes in the member composition. It’s a process of rebuilding, and once it’s formed again, we might become more active.”

‘JCFACTORY’ is Jae-chan’s first solo album, released 4 years and 5 months after his debut. Among the DKZ members, Jae-chan has transformed into the first solo leader. This album consists of a total of 5 tracks, including the title track ‘Hello,’ ‘Oh Girl,’ ‘MAYB’ (feat. Nathania),’ ‘Replay,’ and ‘Time.’

The title track ‘Hello’ is a song that introduces solo artist Jae-chan, and it features a sophisticated yet bright R&B pop sound.

In this solo album, Jae-chan participated in lyrics, composition, and production across the entire album. He has previously produced DKZ’s representative songs such as ‘You in Imagination,’ ‘2021 (Memories),’ and ‘The Tiger Is Chasing (Uh-Heung),’ showcasing his musical capabilities. Prior to the official album release, on August 24th, he pre-released the track ‘Time,’ which directly went to the top of major global music streaming charts, proving Jae-chan’s potential as a solo artist.


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