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Doctor who prescribed Propofol to Yoo Ah-in and took it himself, prosecution demands prison sentence

The prosecution has sought a prison sentence for a doctor who prescribed propofol to actor Yoo Ah-in (Um Hong-shik, 38) and also took the drug himself.

On the 5th, the prosecution demanded a three-year prison term and a fine of 270,000 won for Doctor A, who was indicted for violating the Narcotics Control Act (propofol) at the 24th Criminal Division of the Seoul Central District Court (Judge Yu Dong-gyun).

Doctor A was accused of administering propofol twice at a hospital in Gangnam, Seoul last year and also administering the drug to Yoo Ah-in several times without reporting to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Although this was the first trial for him, the defense team admitted to the charges and agreed to the evidence presented by the prosecution, proceeding with the decision-making process.

The defense attorney argued, “This case is not A’s problem but Yoo Ah-in’s problem,” adding, “The failure to report Yoo Ah-in’s drug use was more of negligence than intent.”

Furthermore, the defense stated, “Due to the worsening of military management amid the COVID-19 pandemic, A made a wrong judgment due to psychological shock and health reasons. However, it should be considered that A is not addicted to propofol and has not administered it frequently.”

The defense also claimed, “Propofol is classified as a narcotic drug only in Korea worldwide,” and argued, “The only reason is because Michael Jackson died during the administration process, so it was designated as a populist measure.”

The defense requested, “If a sentence of imprisonment or more is imposed due to the amendment of the Medical Act, the doctor’s license will be revoked. Revoking the doctor’s license is excessively harsh, so please impose a fine,” and Doctor A pleaded for leniency, saying, “I am reflecting and repenting.”

Although the prosecution requested an arrest warrant, the court rejected it. The sentencing date is scheduled for April 4th.


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