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“Doctor Slump” plummets from 6.7% to 3.9% viewer ratings

“Doctor Slump” plummets from 6.7% to 3.9% viewer ratings… Can recovery be possible?

The JTBC weekend drama “Doctor Slump”, starring Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye, stumbled during the Lunar New Year holiday. Although it recorded the highest rating of 6.7%, it fell apart. Is a recovery in viewer ratings possible?

A romantic comedy drama depicting the failed life support system of Yeojungwoo (played by Park Hyung-sik) and Nam Haneul (played by Park Shin-hye), who were running only on the life’s upward curve. As rivals in life’s dark times, Yeojungwoo and Nam Haneul become each other’s light. Through this process, viewers were given laughter, excitement, empathy, and comfort.

The start of “Doctor Slump” was promising. It followed the momentum of “Welcome to Samdal-ri”, which ended with a highest rating of 12.4%, and recorded a viewer rating of 4.1% for its first episode. It then soared to 5.1% (2nd episode), 5.1% (3rd episode), and 6.7% (4th episode). However, the ratings for episodes 5 and 6, which aired during the Lunar New Year holiday, fell apart. The 5th episode of “Doctor Slump” broadcast on February 10th recorded a rating of 3.7%, dropping significantly. The episode on February 11th saw a 0.2% increase from the previous day.

“Doctor Slump” competes with MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Knight Flower”, SBS’s Friday-Saturday dramas “Chaebol X Detective” and “Doctor Slump”, and tvN’s “Captivating the King”. During the Lunar New Year holiday, “Chaebol X Detective” chose to cancel its broadcast. “Knight Flower” aired normally, while “Captivating the King” aired for four consecutive episodes. As a result, the ratings increased.

“Knight Flower” recorded a rating of 11% on February 9th, but slightly declined compared to the previous week. The episode on February 10th recorded a highest rating of 12.9%. “Captivating the King” made a bold scheduling decision, airing four episodes in a row from Friday to Sunday to coincide with the Lunar New Year holiday. The episode on February 9th recorded a rating of 4.2%, slightly lower than the previous week. However, on the 10th, it recorded 4.7%, on the 11th, 6.4%, and eventually 6.7%, setting a new highest rating.

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The only drama that experienced a ratings drop was “Doctor Slump”. Due to the nature of the Lunar New Year holiday, TV viewership tends to be dominated by parents or adults, which inevitably leads to viewer attrition. Additionally, the consecutive airing of “Captivating the King” also had an impact. It was difficult to interrupt the flow of “Knight Flower”, which provides entertainment, and “Captivating the King”, which aired continuously.

With 16 episodes in total, “Doctor Slump” has not reached its turning point yet. It is currently gaining word-of-mouth buzz online. If it has the fun, the ratings are likely to come back. The holiday is now over. Attention is focused on whether the viewer ratings for “Doctor Slump” can recover.


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