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Eric Nam talks career, family, and new music on Kim Young Chul’s Power FM

On the SBS Power FM radio show “Kim Young Chul’s Power FM” that aired on the 6th of the month, announcer Kim Da Young and Eric Nam introduced Eric Nam’s new album and workplace trends in the segment titled “Exploring the Lives of Office Workers.”

When DJ Kim Young Chul asked, “Eric Nam, have you ever had a job before?” Eric Nam responded, “I interned for three months every summer. I worked at Deloitte as my last internship.”

Kim Da Young then mentioned the keyword “office workers who receive allowances,” to which Kim Young Chul inquired, “Does Eric Nam have a nephew who receives an allowance?” Eric Nam replied, “I recently got one. He’s turning a month old at the end of this month. He’s incredibly cute and adorable. He’s my second younger brother’s son, and he’s mixed race, but he looks completely Korean. He’s receiving so much love.”

When Kim Young Chul asked, “Eric Nam, how many years of social life do you have?” Eric Nam replied, “It’s been over 10 years.” Regarding receiving allowances from his parents during his early years, Kim Young Chul asked, “Did you receive any allowances from your parents back then?” Eric Nam responded, “I received a little. I don’t receive allowances from my parents now, but I occasionally buy them gifts.”

Kim Da Young, who has been in the workforce for 7 years, stated, “I give allowances to my parents,” to which Kim Young Chul jokingly remarked, “I also give allowances, but Eric Nam is the only one who doesn’t. Prepare some dollars,” eliciting laughter. Eric Nam explained, “My parents don’t want to give me money. They absolutely don’t want to receive it. They prefer that I use it for something else.”

Later on, they previewed Eric Nam’s new song, “Only For a Moment,” which is set to be released on Friday. When Kim Young Chul humorously asked if this was illegal, Eric Nam replied, “It’s a song I made,” and when Kim Da Young asked if his company’s CEO knows about it, Eric Nam responded with a smile, “I am the CEO.”

Eric Nam introduced his new song “Only For a Moment,” saying, “It’s a song I worked on with the British duet HONNE. It’s a love song where you suddenly imagine the future and fall in love.”

“Kim Young Chul’s Power FM” airs on SBS Power FM from 7 AM to 9 AM daily, and it can also be listened to through the PC and smartphone application “SBS Gorilla.”


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