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Exclusive interview: Lee Chae-eun, marriage confession after 7 years of unrequited love – ‘A special love story with my husband

Actress Lee Chae-eun recently revealed her wedding in April and shared her love story with her husband.

On the 20th, Lee Chae-eun posted wedding photos and ceremony pictures on her SNS account, belatedly disclosing her marriage. Regarding this, she spoke with OSEN, stating, “I considered marriage to be a private matter as an actress. It was a bit difficult to decide whether to make it public. I was worried about how my role as an actress would change with the disclosure of my marriage. However, I decided to reveal it this time, thinking it was something I should handle and accept. There wasn’t a special occasion or reason.”

She described her husband, saying, “He is a friend who is three years younger and attends the same church. He had a crush on me for seven years at our church. At first, I couldn’t accept it because acquaintances were involved, but I eventually accepted his sincere affection and decided to marry him.”

Furthermore, she explained, “So, we got married quite hastily. There was no dating period, but because we had known each other and spent time together for a long time, I had a lot of trust in him. Maybe that’s why there weren’t many things I didn’t know after marriage. It seems like the reason I decided to get married was because he had consistently looked at me with affection, like a sunflower.”

When asked about any changes after marriage, Lee Chae-eun said, “Actually, there haven’t been any changes since getting married. ENA’s ‘Pale Moon’ and Tving’s ‘Cold Blooded Intern’ were released after my marriage was disclosed. I’m more curious about whether the roles I’ve played will change after revealing my marriage. Personally, I don’t feel much has changed. As an actress, I’ll continue to act with gratitude until I become a grandmother.”

Lee Chae-eun made her acting debut in 2005 with the film ‘Public Enemy 2’. She gained attention in the film industry and has been called the “Indie Movie Goddess.” She appeared in various dramas, including KBS 2TV’s ‘Producer’, MBC’s ‘Partners for Justice 2’, SBS’s ‘Nobody Knows’, and Wave’s ‘Once It’s This Way, We’re Going to the Blue House’. Recently, she appeared in dramas such as ENA’s ‘Pale Moon’ and Tving’s ‘Cold Blooded Intern’.


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