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“Exhuma” and “Queen of Tears” are suffering from illegal distribution

Both the blockbuster film “Exhuma” and the top-rated drama “Queen of Tears” are suffering from illegal distribution.

Showbox released an official statement stating, “We have confirmed that certain online users are illegally sharing video files of the film ‘Exhuma’ through specific platforms, amidst the start of IPTV and cable TV VOD services on the 22nd.”

Showbox emphasized, “Unauthorized leaking or distribution of videos constitutes a serious infringement of the property rights protected by copyright law.” They further stated, “We are taking action against those who illegally shared or viewed the video, including the initial distributor, and will respond vigorously to prevent further damage.”

“Exhuma” is an occult mystery film that portrays bizarre events surrounding a feng shui master (played by Choi Min-sik) who takes over a suspicious grave, a funeral director (played by Yoo Hae-jin), shaman Hwari (played by Kim Go-eun), and Bong-gil (played by Lee Do-hyun). Directed by Jang Jae-hyun, known for films like “The Priests” and “Svaha” The Sixth Finger,” the film recently surpassed 11.79 million cumulative viewers, achieving blockbuster status.

The damage caused by illegal content distribution is not limited to “Exhuma” alone. The currently popular tvN weekend drama “Queen of Tears” has garnered immense love from Chinese drama fans, with over 46,000 reviews circulating on the Chinese content review site Douban.

However, “Queen of Tears” is still an ongoing domestic broadcast drama in Korea. Despite not being officially exported or contracted for distribution in China, unauthorized viewing is rampant. This highlights the issue of illegal content distribution not only domestically but also abroad, particularly in China.

In the past, illegal content distribution was prevalent in Korea across movies, dramas, and variety shows. However, with the reorganization of viewing habits around paid subscription-based OTT platforms, illegal content distribution had largely receded into the background. Recent trends, such as Netflix’s crackdown on account sharing and increases in content fees, are bringing the issue of illegal content distribution, disguised under the guise of ‘free,’ back to the forefront.

In response to this situation, Professor Seo Gyeong-deok of Sungshin Women’s University criticized, “Even during the release of the film ‘Exhuma,’ illegal viewing of Korean content has become commonplace in China.”

He further pointed out, “The lack of any sense of shame is astonishing,” resonating with the frustration and empathy of the domestic audience. The lingering shadow of illegal content distribution is causing deep regret and concern.


Author Nat.O
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