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‘Fake brain disorder’ Ravi receives suspended sentence… Will he re-enter the military as ‘active duty’?

Rapper Ravi, a former member of the idol group VIXX, who was indicted for attempting to evade military service by faking “fake brain disorder” (epilepsy), has been sentenced to a suspended prison term. As a result, he may be eligible to re-enter the military as active duty.

On the afternoon of the 10th, Judge Kim Jung-gi of the Southern Seoul District Court’s Criminal Division 7 sentenced Ravi, who had been charged with violating the Military Service Act and other offenses, to a suspended prison term of 1 year and probation for 2 years, along with 120 hours of community service.

The court stated, “Ravi’s crime is not of a very serious nature, as he meticulously planned to fake epilepsy,” but also took into consideration that he is a first-time offender with no prior criminal record, showed remorse, and indicated a willingness to fulfill his military service obligations if found guilty.

Ravi, during his final statement at the trial in April, stated, “I made a foolish choice” and expressed regret to the fans who supported him for a long time, as well as to epilepsy patients and their families who may have been hurt due to his actions.

1st trial results confirmed Ravi’s guilt in attempting to evade military service through a military service broker. As a result, he now finds himself in a situation where he must undergo another military service physical examination.

According to the Military Service Act, if it is revealed that someone evaded military service by falsely claiming a medical condition and their exemption from supplementary reserve duty is canceled, they must undergo another physical examination and perform military service again according to their classification.

Ravi submitted a false epilepsy diagnosis certificate and received a grade 5 military exemption decision from the Military Manpower Administration (MMA) in May of last year. However, two months later, due to an error in calculating the duration of medication prescription, the MMA changed his classification to grade 4 in September of the same year, and he started alternative service as a social service worker from October, one month later.

Author Nat.O
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