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FIFTY FIFTY surprises fans with a new compilation album featuring ‘Cupid’

On the 22nd, FIFTY FIFTY unexpectedly announced their compilation EP album ‘The Beginning’. Typically, artists provide some form of announcement or promotion before an album release, but FIFTY FIFTY surprised the public by releasing this album without any prior annuncement.

‘The Beginning’ mainly features various versions of ‘Cupid’, their hit song released in February. Notably, the album includes a version of ‘Cupid’ featuring American singer and actress, Sabrina Carpenter, plus a sped-up version of ‘Cupid’, which became a meme overseas.

There’s been a heightened interest in the album release since FIFTY FIFTY recently filed a lawsuit against ATTRAKT’s CEO, Jeon Hong-jun, seeking the termination of their exclusive contract.

It was confirmed that this album was released under Warner Music and FIFTY FIFTY is still under ATTRAKT’s label. Among the composers and arrangers for this album was ‘SIAHN’. ‘SIAHN’ is known to be the artist name for An Sung-il, the CEO of Digiverse, who has been suspected of tempering with the members of FIFTY FIFTY. If ATTRAKT released the album, it means the album’s copyright royalties would go to An Sung-il.

The release of this album seems to have been driven by the prior contractual agreement and Jeon’s lasting trust in the members. Despite receiving a termination request from the FIFTY FIFTY members in June, Jeon finalized the contract for this album in July.

Meanwhile, the members of FIFTY FIFTY filed a request in June to terminate their exclusive contract with Jeon, citing unclear settlements and lack of support. The Seoul Central District Court dismissed FIFTY FIFTY’s request last month, stating it’s difficult to conclude there was a breach of providing settlement information or neglect of health and welfare duties. The court also mentioned that ending the business with Digiverse was not a breach of the exclusive contract. FIFTY FIFTY is appealing the decision.

Jeon commented, “Since the dismissal decision came out, they should return now. It’s heartbreaking to see the members still being gaslighted by CEO An,” emphasizing that tempering needs to be eradicated. “It should not set a bad precedent in the K-pop market. The law should be revised to match reality and punishments need to be intensified.”


Author joyce.editor
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