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FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena makes a heartfelt return to ATTRAKT: “Apologises profusely with tears,” expressing her deep emotions and sincerity

In an exclusive report, it has been revealed that Keena from the girl group FIFTY FIFTY (Saena, Aran, Keena, Sio) has returned to her agency ATTRAKT, marking a significant turning point in the long-standing contract dispute.

According to the results of an investigation by Edaily on the 17th, Kina returned to ATTRAKT and met with CEO Jeon Hong-jun the day before. It was previously known that Keena submitted an appeal to the Seoul High Court, Civil Division 25-2, which was in charge of the appeal of the preliminary injunction of the exclusive contract with Attract.

CEO Jeon Hong-jun said, “Keena, who returned to the office, apologized with tears.” He added, “She looked exhausted. I told her to take some time off for self-reflection.”

FIFTY FIFTY is a group formed by ATTRAKT in November of last year. After gaining attention by entering the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart with their February release ‘Cupid’, they suddenly announced their departure from ATTRAKT in June, just seven months after their debut.

FIFTY FIFTY on the Viral 'Cupid,' U.S. Success and Their K-pop Idols

The members cited reasons such as violations of the obligation to provide settlement data, lack of support in managing their health, and insufficient human and material support for their entertainment activities as key reasons for breaking trust with the agency and applying for a preliminary injunction of the exclusive contract. However, the court ruled in August that these claims should be dismissed. Following the court’s rejection, FIFTY FIFTY decided to appeal the decision and prepare for the main lawsuit.

In the aftermath of the court’s dismissal of the preliminary injunction, the members had remained silent for a while. However, they resumed their exposure battle related to ATTRAKT by opening new SNS accounts on the 12th, reiterating that their stance had not changed. Amid this, Keena’s sudden return to ATTRAKT and her decision to withdraw her appeal create a new situation in the ongoing exclusive contract dispute.

The other three members have not shown any change in their position. Even on the day before the news broke that Keena had withdrawn her appeal, the members posted additional exposure posts on their SNS accounts, claiming that there were problems with ATTRAKT’s settlement process.

Separately, ATTRAKT had argued that the contract dispute was caused by an external outsourcing company called The Givers, which was responsible for producing FIFTY FIFTY, conspiring with external forces to illegally remove the members. Accordingly, ATTRAKT had been pursuing legal action against The Givers and related parties. Nevertheless, ATTRAKT has not taken any specific actions in response to the resumption of exposure posts by the other three members.

Additionally, ATTRAKT is in the midst of preparing to launch a new girl group aiming for a debut next year, unrelated to the ongoing dispute with FIFTY FIFTY.


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