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“Flowers that Bloom at Night” has released its 2nd poster that creates an overwhelming feeling

“Flowers that Bloom at Night” has released its second poster that creates an overwhelming feeling.

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Flowers that Bloom at Night” (written by Lee Sam, Jeong Myeong-in, directed by Jang Tae-yu, Choi Jeong-in, and Lee Chang-woo), which is scheduled to be broadcast for the first time on January 12, 2024, is about ‘Yeo-hwa’, a 15-year-old widow who has been married for 15 years, who climbs a wall at night, and everyone inside the four main gates. It is a breathtaking comical action historical drama about Su-ho, the coveted young man’s servant, who goes beyond boundaries.

The second poster released on the 30th shows Lee Jong-won playing the role of Park Soo-ho, a Geumwiyeong officer. Park Soo-ho is a man with brilliant swordsmanship and excellent martial arts worthy of a Geumwiyeong officer, as well as a brilliant mind. In addition, he has a soft and gentle personality and is a character of perfection that everyone covets.

In particular, the resolute eyes and tightly closed lips in the poster attract attention and clearly show Park Soo-ho’s thorough personality. The black shadow that illuminates one side of his face adds to the sense of mystery and mystery that something is hidden.

The caption, “I will definitely catch you, so please never let me see you” shows Park Soo-ho’s strong and determined side. While Park Soo-ho’s resolute determination towards Jo Yeo-hwa (played by Lee Ha Nee) can be felt, one is also curious about how the two will become entangled.

If the first poster released earlier showed Jo Yeo-hwa’s double life, this second poster raises expectations by predicting that a colorful narrative will be drawn in the suffering of Park Soo-ho.

The production team of ‘Flowers that Bloom at Night’ said, “Suho’s eyes seen through the cast shadows are staring at someone. He, a Geumwi Yeongsa officer whose principles are the most important, accidentally learns of Yeohwa’s secret, and his dual mind, which oscillates between his desire to catch her and his desire to protect her, is captured in black and white.”

Upcoming Drama 2024] Flowers that Bloom at Night, 밤에 피는 꽃-Lee Ha Nee & Lee  Jong Won- Premiere on January 12th - k-dramas & movies - Soompi Forums

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Flowers that Bloom at Night” will premiere at 9:50 PM (KST) on Friday, January 12, 2024.


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