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‘Food Critic Huh Young-man’s Food Travel’; Hwang Chan-sung is truly enthusiastic about eating… and wants to recommend it to Ok Taecyeon

On the evening of the 25th, in the broadcast of TV Chosun’s ‘Huh Young-man’s Food Travel,’ Hwang Chan-sung made an appearance.

In this episode, Heo Young-man met with Hwang Chan-sung in Cheongyang, Chungcheong Province. The two went to enjoy a table full of dishes and engaged in various conversations. Hwang Chan-sung expressed his joy at being outdoors, saying, “I like being outside,” and “Eating outside like this is a rare experience for me.” To this, Heo Young-man replied, “I live in an apartment, so that’s why.”

Continuing the conversation, Heo Young-man mentioned that Hwang Chan-sung is known as a big eater and almost eats like a sumo wrestler. Hwang Chan-sung confirmed, saying, “There was a time when a roll of kimbap was around 1500 won each, and during my trainee days with Ok Taecyeon, we ate 100,000 won worth of food at a snack restaurant,” and added, “We practically ordered almost everything from the menu.”

He further surprised everyone by sharing a story, “Once, before 2PM debuted, Park Jin-young bought us shabu-shabu. Ok Taecyeon and I, just the two of us, ate for around 40 to 50 people.” Heo Young-man jokingly responded, “Did Park Jin-young survive that?” Hwang Chan-sung continued, “Since then, he never treated us to a meal again.”

Heo Young-man then asked about the meaning behind “2PM.” Hwang Chan-sung explained, “We were known for our acrobatics, and the name represents the energy and vigor of 2 PM in the afternoon.” Heo Young-man, however, humorously countered, “Aren’t you the sleepiest right after lunch?” To which Hwang Chan-sung agreed, saying, “Yes, I get really drowsy after eating.”

While enjoying the meal like a true foodie, Hwang Chan-sung admitted, “I don’t want the restaurant I like to become famous,” and Heo Young-man agreed, saying, “I feel the same way.”

Heo Young-man then playfully asked Hwang Chan-sung if 2PM is the original “beastly idol,” referring to their debut song. Hwang Chan-sung responded, “I’d give it a 10 out of 10,” and started singing the lyrics before becoming shy.

Following this, Hwang Chan-sung performed 2PM’s songs, including ‘Heartbeat’ and the recent hit ‘Our House.’ Watching his dance, Heo Young-man chuckled and imitated the moves.

Heo Young-man also mentioned Hwang Chan-sung’s YouTube channel, where he shares cooking videos. Hwang Chan-sung explained, “I visit restaurants, try to replicate their dishes, and eat them on the channel. But to be honest, the taste isn’t exactly the same; it’s more about the challenge.” When asked who he would recommend ‘Huh Young-man’s Food Travel’ to, Hwang Chan-sung promptly named Ok Taecyeon.

Meanwhile, Hwang Chan-sung, who is married and recently became a father at the age of 8 years older than his spouse, shared his challenges, “Raising a child and continuing my career isn’t easy.” He added, “Before marriage, I could rest after a shoot, but now I can’t do that. After filming, I have to take care of household chores and parenting.”


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