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It is expected that three former members of FIFTYFIFTY will pay the price for betrayal

It is expected that three former members of FIFTYFIFTY will pay the price for betrayal.

FIFTYFIFTY‘s agency, ATTRAKT, stated on the 11th, “We have received a notice of investigation results from the Seoul Gangnam Police Station recently, stating that the allegations brought against the three former members of FIFTYFIFTY for embezzlement have been dropped (no suspicion).”

Former FIFTYFIFTY members Saena, Sio, and Aran accused Attract’s former CEO Jeon Hong-jun of embezzlement on August 17th last year. However, the police concluded that there was no evidence of wrongdoing by the former CEO and decided not to prosecute.

An insider at ATTRAKT stated, “We will hold accountable those who instigated the accusations against the members who did not understand the accounting principles of corporate funds and even went as far as filing a lawsuit.”

The ‘instigators’ mentioned by ATTRAKT refer to none other than the current CEO of Doggie Bus, An Seong-il.

ATTKRAT has suspected An Seong-il and others as external forces since last year when the three former members of FIFTYFIFTY initiated disputes over exclusive contracts. ATTRAKT has publicly disclosed evidence such as unauthorized buyout attempts by Doggie Bus, related phone call transcripts, messenger conversations indicating damage to label deals and electronic records, and has filed civil and criminal lawsuits against An Seong-il.

An Seong-il has denied the allegations, but the police concluded that there was evidence of obstruction of business, destruction of electronic records, embezzlement, forgery of official documents, and use of forged official documents and referred him to the prosecution without detention. Additionally, a lawsuit for damages of 1 billion won is ongoing.

FIFTYFIFTY filed for suspension of the effectiveness of the exclusive contracts last year citing ATTRAKT’s opaque accounting, violation of members’ health management obligations, and lack of support capabilities. However, the court ruled in favor of Attract, and the members immediately appealed.

However, the situation changed when Keena withdrew her appeal and returned to Attract, citing evidence of Doggie Bus and An Seong-il’s involvement. Keena sought forgiveness from Attract’s former CEO Jeon Hong-jun, and ultimately, the former CEO made a decision.

ATTKRAT decided to terminate the exclusive contracts with the three members and filed a lawsuit for damages and penalties for breach of contract. They also filed a civil lawsuit seeking damages for illegal acts against the parents of the three members and An Seong-il, who actively participated in the unfair termination of the exclusive contracts, totaling 13 billion won.

In this way, the three former members of FIFTYFIFTY find themselves in a predicament where the former CEO they accused has been acquitted, and An Seong-il, whom they trusted and followed, has been found guilty of crimes. Not only that, they are faced with the title of ‘betrayal idol’ and the need to pay damages amounting to hundreds of billions of won.

On the other hand, a new project for FIFTYFIFTY, centered around Keena, is underway, with the selection of new members and a comeback scheduled for June or July.


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