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From auditioning accidentally to global stardom: V’s journey to Stardom

On the 3rd, a preview for “You Quiz on the Block EP.210” titled “BTS V‘s Solo Return! Prince-like V’s Visuals and Enchanting Wit – You Quiz Time with World Star-level Charm” was posted on the YouTube channel ‘You Quiz on the Tube.’

V is gearing up for the release of his first solo album in 10 years. He gave fans a taste of his new song while sharing behind-the-scenes footage of his solo album work, saying, “Jungkook recorded it at home.”

On this day, V appeared in a white suit with blonde hair. Yoo Jae-suk praised, “You have a bit of a prince-like feeling,” and Jo Se-ho said, “You look cool.”

Returning as a complete BTS group for the first time in about two years, V expressed that he wanted to come out once again. He said, “I thought the ARMY (BTS’s fanbase) would react well. And my dad really liked it.” He then surprised with an impersonation of his father, bringing out laughter.

V also showed off his versatility, saying, “I like trot too,” and offering some impromptu fan service.

V also shared the story of how he accidentally auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment while going to watch a friend’s audition. He said, “I worked harder than I thought.” He recalled, “The staff asked, ‘Can you dance?’ So I said, ‘Yes, I can dance,’ and when they asked, ‘Can you sing?’ I said, ‘Yes, I can sing.’ I even asked, ‘Should I bring my saxophone from home? It’s at my house.'”

He also talked about his past, growing up under his grandmother’s care. V expressed his wish that his grandmother could have seen him perform among countless ARMY members and said, “I want to show her, ‘I’ve grown this much,’ but I couldn’t.”

tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” airs on Wednesday at 8:45 PM (KST).

Author Nat.O
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