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From the heart: Bada’s sincere message to Shoo amidst gambling controversy

On a recent episode of ‘TEN Issue,’ Bada opened up about her feelings toward Shoo, expressing her heartfelt thoughts amidst Shoo’s controversy involving gambling and exposure.

Bada mentioned, “I really want to express my thoughts today. While preparing for our album as S.E.S., there was a situation, and I wanted to say something back then. We’ve never talked about this before. I thought I should tell her someday. I wanted to say this to Shoo when the time was right.”

She continued, “I felt really sorry because she is my beloved member. I knew she was struggling, but I didn’t know how much she was hurting. I want to say to her, ‘Shoo, I’m sorry for not being good enough. I should have done better.'”

Bada emphasized her intention to support Shoo during this difficult time, stating, “Shoo, I’ll wait for you. Please come back as soon as possible. Let’s walk the flower path together. I hope this issue becomes an opportunity for you to grow and become even more beautiful.”

This heartfelt message from Bada is a testament to the strong bond and support between the former S.E.S. members amidst the challenges they face individually.


Author Nat.O
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