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G-Dragon faces heavier penalties if drug use allegations are proven

Legal experts weigh in on the potential consequences amid G-Dragon’s denial of drug use claims

While singer G-Dragon is denying allegations of drug use, if the drug use allegations are proven true, he could face heavier penalties.

On the 29th, Lawyer Lim Hye-joo said in an interview with Yonhap News TV, “If it is revealed this time that he was involved with a more addictive drug or one with greater social harm, his previous record, which was problematic, could result in a more severe sentence.” She speculated on the punishment for G-Dragon.

In addition, Lawyer Jo Hanna, in an interview with YTN, also said, “In fact, because he has a previous record, depending on the type of drug, the amount, and the duration, it is possible to consider heavier penalties according to the law on drug management.” She added that the penalties vary depending on the type of drug under drug management laws.

Previously, G-Dragon was investigated by the prosecution in 2011 on charges of smoking marijuana at a club in Japan. At that time, the prosecution handed down a suspended sentence, citing that G-Dragon was a first-time offender and that the amount of marijuana found in his system was minimal and did not meet the criteria for drug penalties.

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Afterward, G-Dragon appeared on SBS’s “Healing Camp, Aren’t You Happy” in 2012 and expressed his feelings of injustice regarding the allegations. He said, “I felt that I was under a lot of suspicion due to my image and what people saw on stage.” He continued, “I did not smoke marijuana, so I confidently took the test and cooperated with the investigation. However, I was shocked when the results came back positive. There were many unjust aspects. Honestly, at first, I did not believe the results.”

G-Dragon also explained the reason for his confusion, saying, “Still, there was something on my mind, and it seems that it became a problem that I received a cigarette from someone I didn’t know during the after-party process following a concert in Japan last year.” He added, “Even if I was a third party, it was an unreasonable situation, but since it was a party that we hosted, and it was right after the concert, I had consumed a lot of alcohol, and I smoked it thinking it was a strong cigarette or a shisha. I had never smelled marijuana before, so I couldn’t judge whether it was right or not.”

Currently, G-Dragon is under a travel ban, and the police are coordinating a schedule for questioning.

Meanwhile, on the 25th, the Incheon Police Narcotics Crime Investigation Unit booked G-Dragon on charges of violating the Act on the Control of Narcotics, and the police have been investigating based on statements obtained from A, the manager of an entertainment establishment in Gangnam who was previously arrested.

However, G-Dragon denied the allegations through his legal representative, stating, “I have not used drugs. For now, I would like to clarify that the news reports related to ‘violation of the Act on the Control of Narcotics’ that have been made public recently are unrelated to me.” He added, “However, since many people are concerned, I will actively cooperate with the investigation by law enforcement agencies and sincerely do my best.”

On the other hand, actor Lee Sun-kyun, who is also facing drug use allegations along with G-Dragon, attended the Incheon Police Narcotics Crime Investigation Unit on the afternoon of the 28th and was questioned for about an hour regarding the allegations of violating the Act on the Control of Narcotics. Prior to the questioning, Lee Sun-kyun, who stood on the police station’s photo line, bowed his head several times, saying, “I am sincerely sorry for disappointing many people with this unfortunate incident. I apologize.”

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