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G-Dragon is set to release a long-awaited solo album for the first time in about 7 years

G-Dragon is set to release a solo album for the first time in about 7 years.

On the 16th, his agency Galaxy Corporation stated, “G-Dragon is preparing a new album with the aim of a comeback in the latter half of this year, so please look forward to it.”

This will be G-Dragon’s first solo album since the release of his second mini-album ‘Kwon Ji Yong’ in June 2017.

G-Dragon is considered one of the most influential solo artists in Korea. He is a prominent member of Big Bang, a K-pop idol group from the second generation, known for being a ‘composer-dol’ who directly creates their own songs. He is credited with changing the landscape of Korean idol groups, emphasizing performances.

Currently, most active idol groups include members who participate in songwriting. However, when Big Bang debuted in 2006, G-Dragon’s presence was revolutionary.

He not only possesses producing skills but also represents ‘musical advancement’ among idols. The release of ‘Kwon Ji Yong,’ distributed not as a physical album but on USB, sparked debates in the Korean music industry about the nature of music storage media, whether USB constitutes a physical album or not.

Furthermore, he is a key figure in emphasizing the importance of ‘idol branding.’ He receives calls from global luxury brands due to his exceptional fashion sense. Recently, he met with Frederic Malle, the founder of the French luxury perfume brand ‘Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle.’

Collaborating with this brand, he introduced the ‘Musc Ravageur Special Edition,’ adding his symbolic daisy to the Musk Ravageur perfume and body oil products he often uses.

Galaxy Corporation conveyed, “We are delighted that G-Dragon is collaborating with brands and products he has personally enjoyed for over 10 years.”


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