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BIGBANG’s G-Dragon’s ‘drug acquittal’ claim is gaining strength Exoneration

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon‘s ‘drug acquittal’ claim is gaining strength.

G-Dragon ‘drug acquittal’ claim is gaining strength. On the 7th, YTN’s ‘YTN News Rider’ featured attorney Kim Hee-jun, who used to work as a drug investigation specialist during his time as a prosecutor, to discuss his allegations of drug use.

G-Dragon voluntarily appeared at the police on the 6th to undergo a suspect investigation regarding allegations of drug use under drug management laws. The preliminary drug test came out negative.

South Korea police question K-Pop star over alleged drug use | Reuters

Regarding this, Attorney Kim explained, “Preliminary drug tests are highly accurate, close to 100%, to confirm drug use within 10 days for regular drug users and 5 days for occasional users. In drug investigations, after the preliminary drug test, a precise analysis of hair and urine is typically requested. Depending on the length of the hair, the analysis can cover a period from 6 months to a year.”

On that day, G-Dragon drew attention by stretching and smiling at reporters’ questions before entering the police station.

Regarding this, Attorney Kim said, “Drug use cannot be conclusively determined by such behavior alone. It could be the individual’s unique behavior or gestures. Drug offenders do not necessarily exhibit unusual physical behaviors. Although the manifestations may vary slightly depending on the type of drugs, it is difficult to consider such behaviors or actions as indicative of drug use.”

K-pop star G-Dragon appears for questioning for drug use: I'm here to reveal... - India Today

G-Dragon was booked on drug use allegations on the 25th of last month. The police secured a statement from nightclub manager A, an entertainment establishment in Gangnam, related to G-Dragon’s drug use allegations and commenced the investigation.

However, G-Dragon claimed, “I did not use drugs,” and after completing a four-hour police investigation, he emphasized, “There is no change in my claim of innocence.” He also showed composure, telling fans, “Don’t worry, just wait.”

G-Dragon Preliminary Drug Test Comes Back Negative; Shares Statements Following Voluntary Attendance | Soompi


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