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(G)I-DLE is in a precarious situation with Minnie, Yuqi, and Shuhua are unwell, while leader Soyeon is facing challenges

(G)I-DLE is in a precarious situation with Minnie, Yuqi, and Shuhua are unwell, while leader Soyeon is facing challenges.

On the 8th, their agency, CUBE Entertainment, announced, “Due to recent health issues causing dizziness, Shuhua visited the hospital and received medical advice that sufficient rest and stability are needed.” They further stated, “While Shuhua has shown strong determination for activities, we have decided to suspend all schedules for the time being to focus on her health and recovery.”

Health issues among members of (G)I-DLE are not new. Just last month, three members faced health problems related to their activities for their 2nd full album “2”. Earlier on the 26th, Minnie and Yuqi had sudden health issues and fever symptoms, leading to a halt in their schedules. Although Minnie and Yuqi returned to activities after some rest, this time, Shuhua had to suspend her activities due to health concerns.

This particular promotion was crucial for (G)I-DLE. It was not only for their full album activities but also for solidifying their position as a top-tier girl group, following the success of their previous hits. The attention of many K-pop fans was on whether (G)I-DLE could continue their successful streak this time.

Unfortunately, (G)I-DLE seems to have stumbled due to the most fundamental aspect of managing conditions. Furthermore, their pre-release track “Wife” sparked controversy due to its suggestive lyrics, adding to their disappointment. The lyrics, implying sexual acts, such as “That’s not all, even cherries on top”, “From head to toe, just chop, chop, chop”, and “If you learned it, now it’s your turn to get on top”, raised concerns about its suitability for minors, as there are no age restrictions on the song. As a result, KBS deemed “Wife” unsuitable for broadcast due to excessively suggestive lyrics.

However, the creator of the song, Soyeon, chose to stick to her original lyrics, ignoring public sentiment and feedback. Despite being in a position where sensitivity to controversy should be paramount, she insisted on her artistic integrity. CUBE Entertainment also vaguely passed over the issue by stating, “This song is unrelated to current promotional activities.”

As (G)I-DLE faces difficulties due to health issues, their future activities are uncertain. Though they appear to be in a vulnerable state, there is still room for recovery, as their promotions are not over yet. One can only hope for a swift recovery for the group and a successful completion of their activities, even if it means reevaluating their strategy briefly.

Listen to (G)I-DLE’s “Super Lady” here!


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