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“Knowing Brothers”: (G)I-DLE shines with witty banters

(G)I-DLE shines with witty banter on JTBC’s “Knowing Brothers”.

On the upcoming episode of JTBC’s “Knowing Brothers” airing on the 3rd, (G)I-DLE, who has made a powerful comeback with the new song “Super Lady”, will be featured. In their seven years as a group, they unleash spicy anecdotes with unstoppable wit, creating a laughter-filled atmosphere on set.

On this episode, Soyeon shares, “I always want to bring change, so dividing parts is challenging,” revealing the difficulties as a producer.

Minnie, known as the ‘intro fairy’ for always handling the introduction in (G)I-DLE’s songs, expresses her disappointment by saying, “I couldn’t take the introduction part in the new song ‘Super Lady,’ and it’s regrettable,” revealing behind-the-scenes stories.

As other members express their regrets about the distribution of parts in the new song, the cast members playfully ask, “The member who complained, won’t they lose their part in the next song?” Soyeon cleverly responds, “I’ll check on that,” bringing laughter to everyone.

Minnie also takes on the role of the ‘nagging fairy’ on this episode. After spending seven years with the members, she takes the time to unravel various curiosities, from things she didn’t understand to questions she had. Particularly, Minnie raises a question that captures everyone’s attention, saying, “I’m curious if Yuqi bringing a rabbit doll with her every time she goes abroad for performances is a concept.”

Witness the upgraded entertainment skills and lively performances of (G)I-DLE on the upcoming episode of ‘Knowing Brothers” on JTBC at 8:50 PM (KST) on the 3rd.

Listen to (G)I-DLE’s “Super Lady” here!


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