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Gifts for over 100 people during the holidays: IU’s unchanging heartwarming persona

Today, on the 30th, Park Myung-soo revealed through his radio show, “Even this year, my beloved junior IU sent me spare ribs as a Chuseok gift. What should I do?” It turns out that he has been receiving holiday gifts from her for the past eight years. Park Myung-soo mentioned, “Actually, by now, it’s about time for me to stop receiving (gifts), but if I’m going to stop, I’ll announce it on my radio show.” He even confessed to the secret of maintaining their friendship with a laugh.

Especially, Park Myung-soo added, “I told IU that I feel sorry and should do something in return, but she told me not to contact her,” and said, “Her heart is so beautiful. IU sends gifts every Chuseok, so someday, I think I should express my gratitude.” Once again, he expressed his gratitude, attracting attention.

IU, a star who becomes busier during the holidays, as mentioned by Park Myung-soo, has likely sent gifts to over 100 people. Especially since she has connections in various genres.

Actress Seo Yi-sook previously posted on her Instagram, holding up the holiday gift set sent by IU, saying, “IU Ji-eun~,” and confirmed that IU had sent her holiday gifts. Seo Yi-sook said that IU has been sending her gifts every Chuseok and Lunar New Year for years and always touches her with her sincere thoughts. She expressed her thanks, saying, “I’ll eat it very gratefully, forever.”

IU not only sent gifts to actors but also surprised singer No Sa-yeon, her senior in the music industry. It was revealed that IU had sent a gift to No Sa-yeon’s refrigerator. No Sa-yeon said, “IU sent me royal jelly as a gift, don’t touch it!” proudly showing off IU’s gift.

IU’s tradition of sending gifts extends not only to seniors but also to juniors. Recently, on the YouTube channel ‘W Korea,’ a video was posted titled ‘A precious bag that ITZY Yeji got from IU! Guess what’s in it! #WhatsInMyBag #InMyBag by W Korea’. Yeji, who recently visited IU’s concert as a guest, shared, “IU Sunbaenim came to my concert and thanked me, and she gave each of our members a bag that suits us.” She went on to say, “It’s a bag that I love so much that I didn’t want to use it, but today I specially brought it with me,” expressing her gratitude.

Furthermore, her special friendship with actor Yeo Jin-goo, formed during the drama ‘Hotel Del Luna,’ was revealed. At the time, Yeo Jin-goo also praised IU, spreading warmth. IU, who becomes a gift fairy every holiday, continues to bring smiles to those around her with her caring personality.


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