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Go Youn-jung reveals her unexpected love for samgyeopsal and ramen

Go Youn-jung made a surprising revelation about her eating habits, confessing her love for samgyeopsal (pork belly) and ramen. In a recent interview with Elle Korea’s YouTube channel, she shared her fondness for these indulgent dishes.

Despite the common misconception that she doesn’t eat much, Go Youn-jung stated, “People think I don’t eat well, but I actually eat a lot. I’ve heard many surprising comments about how much I eat.” She went on to explain that she can consume up to three servings of samgyeopsal in one sitting, which is a testament to her love for this Korean barbecue delicacy.

Go Youn-jung further revealed, “When it comes to food, if I had to eat just one thing for an entire month, it would be ramen. I considered making kimbap, but I think I wouldn’t get tired of ramen.” She expressed a preference for simple ramen, without adding many additional ingredients. However, if she were to include anything extra, it would be kimchi.

This surprising revelation showcases Go Youn-jung’s passion for indulgent meals, defying expectations with her love for samgyeopsal and her choice of ramen as her go-to comfort food. It’s a delightful insight into her culinary preferences beyond her on-screen persona.


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