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Ha Seung-ri shares heartwarming encounters with Choi Soo-jong on “Korea-Khitan War” set

Actor Ha Seung-ri shared the affectionate side of Choi Soo-jong that she encountered on the set of “Korea-Khitan War.”

In “Korea-Khitan War,” Ha Seung-ri played the role of Queen Wonseong and, when asked about the changes in her character early on, she replied, “Until the script comes out, actors don’t know how the story will unfold, so we can’t think about the later parts. Every time the script came out, it was new.”

“While I also think about the synopsis, actors accept and interpret the script written by the writer according to the overall flow. And because the atmosphere on set was good, I enjoyed filming.”

Earlier, at the production presentation, Ha Seung-ri expressed her anticipation for meeting Choi Soo-jong through the work. She said, “I had only one scene with Choi Soo-jong. When I met him in the waiting room, he greeted me warmly, saying, ‘So you’re here?’ I couldn’t speak properly because my heart was pounding.”

“When it was almost time for the last outdoor shoot, I didn’t dry my hair and went to the set to dry it. At that time, Senior Choi suddenly took the hairdryer and dried my hair for me, saying that it’s hard to dry long hair for women and that he does it a lot at home. I felt the saying ‘one family, one Soo-jong’ in real life.”

Ha Seung-ri described the filming site as a happy place where both seniors and juniors took on the role of mood makers and relieved tension. When asked about what meaning “Korea-Khitan War” will leave behind, she replied, “This work has brought me to another level.”

“Through this work, I learned a lot. It’s also good that I can continue my connection with many seniors. If I get the chance, I want to try another historical drama in the future. I feel like I could do better next time.”

The cast of “Korea-Khitan War” will relieve the disappointment of the series ending with a special broadcast on March 17th. Ha Seung-ri mentioned, “It will be a talk show format. I didn’t see Kim Hyuk senior on set. We only saw each other in the same costume car, but I greeted him, saying ‘I enjoy watching your broadcast’ (laughs). I had no overlapping scenes with Dong-jun, so it was interesting to hear new behind-the-scenes stories during the special broadcast. I found it fascinating to hear stories I didn’t know.”

“Dong-jun oppa is very capable because he has experience in entertainment shows. There were no overlapping scenes with senior Ji Seung-hyun either, but I learned new behind-the-scenes stories during the special broadcast. I found it fascinating to hear stories I didn’t know.”


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