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Han Seo-hee has stated that she does not wish for punishment against Yang Hyun-suk

On the afternoon of the 25th, the 4th appeal trial for Yang Hyun-suk, YG Entertainment’s CEO, and an employee referred to as “A,” who were charged with violations of the Act on Aggravated Punishments for Specific Crimes (retaliatory threats, etc.), took place at the Seoul High Court Criminal Division 6-3 (Presiding Judge Lee Eui-young, Associate Judges Won Jong-chan and Park Won-chul).

In 2016, Han Seo-hee was arrested for alleged marijuana use with T.O.P, a former member of the group Big Bang. During the investigation, she initially submitted a mobile phone containing information about her smoking marijuana with B.I and selling LSD. However, she later recanted her statement. In 2019, she claimed through the National Human Rights Commission that Yang Hyun-suk had threatened her by summoning her to the YG office and saying, “I’m not going to kill you.”

On this day, Han Seo-hee cried and stated, “I do not wish for punishment against Yang Hyun-suk.” She said, “For the past 6 years, I have lived under the label of being a former trainee of a singer, straddling the ambiguous boundary between ordinary people and public figures, facing both attention and criticism. It feels like trying to break a rock with an egg. As the trial has been ongoing for four years, I’m exhausted. I only wanted Yang Hyun-suk to acknowledge his wrongdoing and offer a sincere apology. If he had apologized, it wouldn’t have come to this point. It’s regrettable that there’s no sign of that. I want to end this fight.” This marks a sudden change in Han Seo-hee’s stance.

Yang Hyun-suk did not make any particular comments about Han Seo-hee’s statement.

Earlier, in December 2022, the first trial court acquitted Yang Hyun-suk of the charges of retaliatory threats. Immediately after the acquittal, he returned as YG’s chief producer in January of this year. However, the prosecution filed an appeal, and Yang Hyun-suk’s side still maintains their position of innocence.

As Han Seo-hee only desires a sincere apology from Yang Hyun-suk and does not wish for punishment, the final verdict is drawing attention. The next trial is scheduled for September 27th.


Author Nat.O
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