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Han So Hee removes all lip and eye piercings and reveals why

On the 28th, Han So-hee posted an update on her personal blog, saying, “Hello.”

She revealed that she recently underwent surgery for rhinitis, explaining, “I started breathing through only one nostril at some point and became stressed due to the sudden snoring. So, I just went for it, even though it’s chilly. I’m grateful that I can breathe through both nostrils now.”

Furthermore, she shared, “I suddenly had a ‘king-like’ nose, but please think that it’s because I can breathe well. I used to have chaotic piercings, but I removed them all now. I have a tired personality that feels relieved only when I try everything.”

Previously, Han So Hee had garnered attention for her lip and eye piercings. She had mentioned during a live broadcast that the piercings can be removed when the time comes to work.

Han So Hee is set to appear in ‘Creature of Gyeongseong,’ a creature thriller set in the spring of 1945 when the darkness of the era was at its peak. It tells the story of two youths born out of greed facing off against a monster.

Han So-hee removes all lip and eye piercings and reveals why


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