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Han Ye-seul hosts for the 4th time in Season 5 of SNL Korea

In the 5th season of the comedy show “SNL Korea” aired on Coupang Play, Han Ye-seul appeared as the host for the 4th time, unleashing her comedic instincts.

When Han Ye-seul appeared with her glamorous appearance, Shin Dong-yeop remarked, “Seeing her in person, everyone, regardless of gender, is gaping.” He then introduced her as the ‘romantic comedy goddess,’ saying, “We’ve been surprised and having fun together since we met early this morning.”

She expressed her gratitude to the enthusiastic audience, saying, “Since it’s such a lively atmosphere, I’ll have fun and enjoy myself.”

Shin Dong-yeop asked, “I heard you’re actively communicating through YouTube. People seem to like your straightforward and honest personality. What’s your real personality like?”

Han Ye-seul replied, “I tend to speak frankly without being conscious of others,” and added, “I’m nervous.” She also commented on the crew member, Jung Sang-hoon, saying, “His face is really small compared to the screen. On the screen, it looks much bigger.”

Han Ye-seul complimented crew member Kim Ah-young, whom she identified as a fan, saying, “You’re so pretty in person,” and jokingly asked, “Are you envious?”

When Kim Ah-young looked embarrassed, Han Ye-seul confessed, “I’m envious too.” She then jokingly said, “Contact me when you’re going to have breast surgery,” revealing her intimacy. Recently, Han Ye-seul made headlines by revealing that she underwent double eyelid surgery immediately after going to consult on her YouTube channel.

When Shin Dong-yeop asked, “Do you occasionally see our crew members?” Han Ye-seul replied, “I respect them. I’m enjoying watching them.”

She then boldly commented on political satire, saying, “SNL is about political satire. Who do you think will win in the upcoming general election?” Shin Dong-yeop urgently tried to stop her, saying, “You can’t do that. Because of you, Ye-seul, SNL almost ended early,” causing a commotion.

On this day, Han Ye-seul transformed into characters such as “Management Gwi” from the parody of the movie “The Priests,” “16th Generation Solos,” “Breast Dance Ahn Young-mi Gwi,” and “Fantasy Couple Na Sang-sil,” bringing laughter.

After completing all the segments, Han Ye-seul thanked the audience, saying, “I safely finished. Thank you for your great response.” Shin Dong-yeop cheered for Han Ye-seul, saying, “I fell in love with your personality more than your appearance.”

Meanwhile, “SNL Korea” Season 5 has been heating up the Saturday night in South Korea since the beginning of the season with the first comedy show challenge by popular actors such as Im Si-wan, Lee Yoo-mi, and Park Ji-hwan. It is released every Saturday night at 8 p.m. (KST) on Coupang Play.


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