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Hong Jin-ho expressed his thoughts ahead of his wedding on the 17th

Former professional gamer and current broadcaster Hong Jin-ho expressed his thoughts ahead of his wedding on the 17th.

Hong Jin-ho stated to Ilgan Sports, “Many people get married, but I haven’t tried it before, and since I’ve been living alone for a long time, I’m more worried than excited about it being an unknown territory, but I’ll navigate through it well.”

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He also expressed affection towards his fiancee, saying, “She is someone who trusts me,” and added, “I will also trust her, and we will face anything together from now on.”

Hong Jin-ho will tie the knot with his partner, who is 10 years younger than him, at a wedding hall in Seoul on the 17th. His fiancee is known to be a non-celebrity office worker. Hong Jin-ho’s wedding will be hosted by Hwang Je-sung, who he worked with on the Tving original entertainment show “The Time Hotel,” and John Park will showcase his loyalty by singing the congratulatory song.

Hong Jin-ho has been expressing his affection for his fiancee through various broadcasts and social media, while also preparing for the wedding. In particular, he appeared as a guest on the SBS entertainment program “Kang’s Kitchen VS” in January and revealed, “I prepared my own home with the prize money I received from a poker tournament ahead of my March wedding,” flexing by paying it off in a lump sum, proving his exceptional skills while also evoking surprise.

Last month on the SBS entertainment program “Running Man,” he humorously distributed invitation cards with account numbers written on them to the members, causing laughter.

Additionally, Hong Jin-ho recently revealed his feelings as a prospective groom on his own social media. He posted a video with a caption saying, “My senior in marriage, Lim Yo-hwan, has been silently sending me videos from somewhere since a while ago. I’m grateful,” showing his appreciation.

Hong Jin-ho was active as a professional gamer for about 10 years from 2001 to 2011 and shifted to being a poker player after retiring. He has been actively participating as a broadcaster, showcasing his exceptional intellect on shows like “The Time Hotel” and “The Game of Blood Season 2.”


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