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Hwasa is preparing the release of her solo album set for September; First comeback since joining P NATION

According to Sport Chosun’s coverage, Hwasa is set to release a new album in mid-September and begin her activities.

Recently, Hwasa has been active as the youngest member on the tvN variety show ‘Dance Singer Wandering Group,’ and she also graced the stage with the group MAMAMOO at the JamBboree K-Pop concert, showcasing her chemistry with fellow members. This time, she is expected to fill the stage on her own.

Hwasa’s return as a solo artist is met with enthusiasm from many music fans. Each of her solo releases, including “Twit” in 2019, “Maria” in 2020, and “I’m A Star” in 2021, has achieved syndrome-level popularity, and this time, she is expected to present unique music and performances once again.

Anticipation is also high for her new achievements. Hwasa’s debut solo track “Twit” dominated real-time music charts, and “Maria” achieved a triple crown on music shows. “I’m A Star” topped the daily chart on China’s music chart, and she is expected to set new records this time as well.

Above all, there is great anticipation as this is her first release after joining P NATION. The synergy between Hwasa and Psy has garnered high interest from music fans, wondering what kind of musical chemistry they will create together.

Already, the two artists made headlines in June when they announced their exclusive contract on the show ‘Heeumppok Show’ with a captivating performance. With their outstanding performances from the start, they are expected to deliver another fresh musical shock through Hwasa’s new album.

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