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HYBE Entertainment takes legal action against sasaengs and malicious commenters targeting BTS, SEVENTEEN, and others

HYBE Entertainment has filed numerous lawsuits against sasaeng fans and malicious commenters who have been harassing its artists, providing updates on the ongoing legal actions.

On the 29th, six labels under HYBE (Big Hit Music, Belift Lab, Source Music, Pledis Entertainment, KOZ Entertainment, ADOR) issued official notices on Weverse and social media, addressing cases of infringements on artists’ rights and the corresponding legal actions.

The affected artists include globally acclaimed groups like BTS, TXT, SEVENTEEN, fromis_9, ENHYPEN, and New Jeans, among others.

According to the notices, infringements on artists’ rights include malicious posts that threaten artists’ safety and invade their privacy, artist impersonation crimes, personal information leaks, and harmful comments causing damage within live communication channels.

HYBE has detailed cases of illegal activities, the progress of legal actions, and the resulting penalties.

Some individuals have already faced legal consequences for offenses like posting sexually harassing content, spreading false information, and committing defamation.

A representative from HYBE emphasized that while artists are subject to criticism and scrutiny as public figures, they should be respected and protected as individuals before anything else. The legal measures are aimed at eradicating repeated, malicious human rights violations causing significant mental distress to the artists.

The company hinted at regular legal responses through complaints and indictments, showcasing its commitment to combating unlawful activities. They utilize an internal monitoring system to collect evidence of malicious posts and comments.

This strong stance against sasaengs and malicious commenters is consistent with the entertainment industry’s push for a healthy fan culture. HYBE Entertainment is determined to eliminate toxic behaviors, such as hate comments and blind insults, to foster a supportive environment for its artists and fans.

Author joyce.editor
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