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Hyeri’s purchase and redevelopment of an old building in Gangnam, Seoul, have been revealed belatedly

Hyeri’s purchase and redevelopment of an old building in Gangnam, Seoul, have been revealed belatedly.

Hyeri purchased a four-story building in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, under her corporation ‘EMPO’ in December 2020. The building has a land area of ​​245.3 square meters (74.2 pyeong) and was estimated to have cost around 43.9 billion won, considering the land value alone for the aging building that had been constructed over 20 years ago. Hyeri completed the final payment on March 30, 2021, and received reconstruction approval a month later, commencing construction in June of the same year.

The building received occupancy approval in May 2022 and is reported to have a total floor area of ​​499.88 square meters (151.21 pyeong).

After completing the construction, Hyeri entered into a trust agreement with Hanaja Asset Trust and Mortgage Trust. This move is presumed to have been made to reduce costs and increase loan limits.

The current market value of the building and land is estimated to be over 75 billion won. While the simple market price difference is expected to be around 30 billion won, considering acquisition tax, construction costs, and other factors, the actual profit margin may not be as substantial, according to evaluations.

Debuting with Girl’s Day in 2010, Hyeri has appeared in various dramas including “Reply 1988”, “Two Cops”, “Miss Lee”, “Falling for Challenge”, “Moonshine”, and ‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’. She has also been in films like “Monstrum” and “The Boxer”.

Currently, she is awaiting the release of the movie “Big Victory” and is filming a new movie titled “Tropical Night’. She is also looking forward to the release of the Netflix entertainment show “Agents of Mystery”.


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