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“Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night”: HyunA is facing criticism after mentioning her public relationship unintentionally on a YouTube channel

HyunA is facing criticism after mentioning her public relationship unintentionally on “Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night.”

In the video, HyunA mentioned to Jo HyunA on “Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night” that she is publicly dating Yong Jun-hyung and said, “When dating, I don’t care about people’s stares. We even went to the department store for a date. I’m really happy these days because of my relationship.”

She continued, “I feel grateful to someone who gives me courage in my work. Sometimes, caring about other people’s stares can make you lose sight of the value of happiness. I tend to focus on my present.”

Reacting to Jo HyunA’s comment that she always gets caught while openly dating, HyunA said, “Why do I always get caught? People in our company told me it’s tough for them. I’m sorry and thankful.”

When HyunA mentioned that she always gets caught in public relationships, netizens continued their debate after watching the video. This was because HyunA had previously revealed her relationships herself.

In January, HyunA directly uploaded a couple photo with Yong Jun-hyung on her SNS. The sudden upload of their affectionate photo left the public puzzled. Some speculated that the two were collaborating musically, but HyunA confirmed the relationship by replying to fans’ comments.

At the same time, Yong Jun-hyung also shared a couple photo with HyunA. He left a comment on a fan platform saying, “We are doing well while receiving positive energy from each other, so I hope you can watch over us beautifully.” Although their agency tried to protect their privacy, it was the individuals themselves who admitted to the relationship.

However, HyunA’s remarks about being caught in a public relationship sparked debate again, with netizens pointing out that it was HyunA who announced the relationship and shared love-filled Instagram posts. HyunA’s comments have reignited the controversy.

Watch the episode here!


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