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HyunA’s playful dodge: Teases about appearance on ‘Transfer Love 3’ in recent YouTube video

On the 23rd, a video titled ‘[SUB] Having Delicious Food with My Favorite Red Sister (feat. HyunA) | Yes or Hot’ was released on YouTube channel ‘TEO TEO’.

In the video, the host Jeon Somi asked, “Unnie, if you are in love for real,” then hesitated and continued, “If you get a call from ‘Transfer Love 3,’ do you have any intention to appear on the show?” HyunA evaded the question by saying, “She’s an amazing woman. I don’t want to eat.”

However, when Jeon Somi persisted and asked, “Unnie, are you there?” HyunA laughed and replied, “Ah, it’s too slanderous.” He added, “When Somi comes to our house, she always comes comfortably, without a bra,” and said, “Since you’ve asked a question, I’ll try some of this pickled radish. Spicier.” He tried to avoid giving a direct answer as much as possible.

Then, Jeon Somi pressed for an answer until the end, asking if she plans to maintain her ‘Love-stagram’ feed. In response, HyunA said, “I deleted only the things I wanted to delete. For the sake of my pretty feed.” Furthermore, while looking at the camera, HyunA sent a video message to Dawn, saying, “Take care,” and displayed a cool reaction.

Meanwhile, HyunA recently held an exhibition called ‘Starting Point’ with artist Sanchae. Various celebrities, including singer Nana, attended the exhibition to congratulate and show their support for HyunA.


Author Nat.O
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