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The production company behind “I Am Solo” has received a report from the Broadcast Writers’ Union, but the broadcast will continue during its scheduled airtime

The production company behind “I Am Solo” has received a report from the Broadcast Writers’ Union, but despite the report, the broadcast is continuing without any issues during its scheduled airtime.

SBS Plus and ENA’s entertainment program “I Am Solo” has been making noise recently due to controversies surrounding Nam Kyu-hong, the representative and director of the production company Chonjang Entertainment.

The controversy revolves around suspicions that the names of Nam Kyu-hong PD, his daughter, and the production team were included in the list of writers to aim for rerun fees. Although Nam Kyu-hong PD explained that this was not true, on the 9th, the Broadcast Writers’ Union issued a statement condemning his authoritarian behavior and rude remarks, stating that they “strongly condemn his disregard for writers’ rights and labor rights.”

Following the statement, on the 10th, Chonjang Entertainment TV countered through its YouTube channel, aiming to “correct distortions about writer rerun fees and PD’s writer scrolls,” explaining, “Allegations of seeking huge rerun fees are entirely false,” and clarified that “Nam Kyu-hong, Na Sang-won, Baek Jeong-hun PDs, who actually played the role of writers, have had their names listed on the staff scroll since November 2023, much earlier than the demands from the writers.”

The Korean Broadcast Writers’ Association also directly refuted the production company’s position on the 15th. The association explained, “Nam Kyu-hong PD and the production company claim they did not sign because the standard contract brought by the writers is for drama contracts, which is not true. The current standard contract is applicable to writing contracts for all broadcasting programs, including dramas, entertainment, radio, current affairs, and culture, and is widely accepted in broadcasting production sites, regardless of genre.”

The association further pointed out, “The crux of the matter is that Nam Kyu-hong PD, who is responsible for “I Am Solo,” as well as the representative of the production company, did not properly draft writer contracts and created abnormal situations such as obstructing rerun fees for broadcast writers, without apologizing or making efforts to resolve the issue.”

Moreover, on the 16th, the Broadcast Writers’ Union reported Chonjang Entertainment, led by Nam Kyu-hong PD, to the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism for breach of contract and infringement of broadcast writers’ rights.

The controversy continues, yet Nam Kyu-hong PD and his daughter, Nam In-hoo, are still appearing in the program’s end credits. Since the 10th broadcast, the writer team has been detailed in the credits, with Nam Kyu-hong, Na Sang-won, Baek Jeong-hun PDs listed as “writers (conceptual planning)” and Nam In-hoo as “writer (subtitle).”

Despite the allegations, the broadcast continues without interruption. The installment of “I Am Solo,” the special edition for prospective singles, proceeded smoothly, revealing the final couple results in the last broadcast. The live broadcast through the YouTube channel Chonjang Entertainment TV following the selection of “I Am Solo” final contestants also proceeded without issues, and the spin-off program “I Am Solo, Love Continues After” continues smoothly.

While “I Am Solo” airs normally amid controversy, SBS Plus and ENA have not made significant statements. The Korean Broadcast Writers’ Association requested that ENA and SBS PLUS, which are responsible for managing and overseeing the program, take swift action to resolve the “I Am Solo” situation and prevent recurrence. However, it seems that the channel is keeping a low profile in front of star PDs of popular programs. Amid the unresolved discomfort, viewers’ criticisms continue as the broadcast proceeds.


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