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“I-LAND2: N/a” has unveiled a group video and group poster of the 24 participants entering “I-LAND”

CJ ENM’s new project “I-LAND2: N/a” has unveiled a group video and group poster of the 24 participants entering I-LAND.

The group video and poster of the 24 participants embarking on the journey of “I-LAND2 (I-LAND2): N/a,” which will be first broadcast on Thursday night, April 18th at 8:50 PM (KST), were revealed today.

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The revealed group video and poster depict the 24 individuals starting a new adventure at “I-LAND,” where they overcome their limits and fears to meet their new selves.

The presence of a character that appears unexpectedly at the end of the group video draws attention. The identity of the character is none other than the official character introduced in this season, “Nasuri.”

It introduces a character universe that combines AI technology for the first time in Mnet’s audition program. Nasuri is expected to act as a medium connecting the 24 applicants and the global fandom, enabling viewers to immerse themselves more deeply into the world of “I-LAND”.

The unit performance videos of the 24 applicants, who possess skills, aura, and visuals, recorded nearly 500,000 views within just a day of their release. Moreover, the global pre-voting event “FIND YOUR I, FIND VOTE” on the K-pop platform Mnet Plus proves the increasing interest in the variety show with enthusiastic participation from fans worldwide.

It has been attracting hot attention even before its broadcast, based on Mnet’s distinctive format, fresh planning, and producing expertise, as well as the collaboration with world-class producer Teddy. Additionally, top-class global actor Song Kang participates as the storyteller, and a stellar lineup of producers and directors including main producer Taeyang, music producers 24 (Two Anny Four), VVN (Vivienne), and performance directors Monica and Lee Jung have been assembled, further capturing the attention of global K-pop fans.

The girl group debut project “I-LAND2: N/a” will premiere on Mnet on Thursday night, April 18th at 8:50 PM (KST).


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