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INFINITE’s Nam Woo-hyun revealed the reason why he shed tears during a pre-recorded stage

On the 1st, INFINITE, who made their comeback with their seventh mini-album ’13egin,’ appeared as guests on SBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwo Show.’

On this day, special DJ Yoo Min-sang said, “Woo-hyun shed tears on stage not too long ago.”

In response, Nam Woo-hyun said, “We did a pre-recorded performance over the weekend, and when I saw Inspirits (INFINITE fan name), tears came to my eyes. It wasn’t like this when I was doing solo activities two years ago.”

He continued, “After five years, standing on stage with the INFINITE members, seeing Inspirits waving their cheering items, I remembered my younger self. Being with the members all together, it felt like I was facing my youth from my 20s, and that’s why tears flowed.”

Author Nat.O
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