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Infinite’s Sunggyu surprises fan’s wedding

Infinite‘s Sunggyu has presented a special gift for a fan who was getting married.

On the 10th, a video was uploaded to Kim Sunggyu’s personal YouTube channel, ‘Sunggyu Special City,’ featuring Sunggyu’s surprise performance as a congratulatory guest at a fan couple’s wedding.

The video started with a VCR from Kim Sunggyu’s solo concert ‘[LV]’ held in April last year (Light & Voice). It shared the story of a male fan who became a member of ‘Sungkyu Special City,’ which is Kim Sungkyu’s official fan club, influenced by his girlfriend, who is an enthusiastic Sungkyu fan. In the video, Kim Sungkyu promised, “I will sing a congratulatory song when both of you get married.”

The couple who are members of Sunggyu Special City had actually tied the knot last month. Despite having a scheduled evening performance on their wedding day, Kim Sunggyu expressed his deep fan love by saying, “I’ll go to both.”

In a car on the way to the wedding venue, Kim Sunggyu revealed his excited heart for the surprise event, saying, “The bride doesn’t know that I will be singing a congratulatory song,” and also expressed his wonder, “It’s amazing that they’re getting married already, even though they’ve been fans since they were young.”

When the long-awaited wedding ceremony began, Kim Sunggyu made a surprise appearance in line with the groom’s introduction speech. He sang “True Love,” the title track of his first solo full-length album “10 Stories” released in 2018. With his heartfelt performance, he filled the wedding ceremony with the warmth of his mellifluous voice and delicate singing skills, making it feel like a concert.

Moreover, after the performance, Kim Sunggyu stayed until the end of the wedding, taking commemorative photos with the couple and providing more touching moments. When Kim Sunggyu’s solo song “Savior” played as background music during the bride and groom’s procession, it brought laughter and applause, creating a joyous atmosphere.

Kim Sunggyu, who gifted the fan couple with unforgettable memories, sincerely congratulated them, saying, “I genuinely congratulate the two of you on your marriage. I hope you will be happy for a long, long time.” He expressed his gratitude, saying, “I’m very thankful for allowing me to have such a precious experience.”

In closing, a video message from the groom, thanking Kim Sunggyu for giving them a happier wedding, and a witty message from the bride, saying, “On the wedding day, I fell for Kim Sunggyu’s face more than the groom’s,” added a cheerful touch to the video, leaving the viewers with smiles.

Infinite, the group to which Kim Sunggyu belongs, made a comeback in the music industry last July with their seventh mini-album “13egin,” reuniting as a complete group after about five years.


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